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MVPTexas 08-07-10 08:22 PM

Emmitt Smith Takes his Rightful Place in the NFL Hall of Fame
Emmitt Smith Takes his Rightful Place in the NFL Hall of Fame
Written by Travis Pulver
Saturday, 07 August 2010 11:54


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For most of the 1990s the Dallas Cowboys had one of the better running games in the NFL. Some will credit the monstrous offensive line they had for the success of the running game. However, when it comes down to it, it takes a talented running back to do something with those holes to make a running game good.

Dulce 08-07-10 08:59 PM

I can't believe the microphone messed up while Emmitt was on. :pissed

MVPTexas 08-07-10 10:37 PM

Rice: Emmitt Smith cost me three rings

Posted: August 7th, 2010 | Adam Rank

CANTON, OHIO — The rivalry between the Cowboys and 49ers was the highlight of the NFL in the 1990s. But there was a respect there. You can feel it between the fans of the teams here in Canton, and it was addressed by Jerry Rice during his Hall of Fame speech.

“If not for you, Emmitt, and the Dallas Cowboys, there would be three more Super Bowl rings on my fingers,” Rice said to a great response to the partisan fans.

“Rivalries are great for the NFL, and it’s fitting that the 49ers and Cowboys are represented here today. We definitely made each other better.”

Not to spoil a great line, but it bears noting that the Packers knocked the 49ers out of the playoffs in 1995. But the Cowboys cost them at least two rings.

Of course, it will be interesting to see if Smith returns the volley by noting that the 49ers kept the Cowboys from winning four consecutive Super Bowls.


MVPTexas 08-07-10 10:38 PM

No surprise, Smith delivers during speech

Posted: August 7th, 2010 | Adam Rank

CANTON, OHIO — The fans had waited for it, and the Cowboys fans gave Emmitt Smith a thunderous ovation when he gave his induction speech. And those flash bulbs in the crowd never seemed to dim, constantly flashing brightly for the entire speech.

Of course, he got another huge cheer when he referenced America’s team. Honestly, this crowd had been waiting to really pop all night, and the fans took advantage.

And if we ever need any confirmation, the Cowboys fans still love Jimmy Johnson, as his name drew a big cheer. Too bad there was not a camera on Jerry Jones at this point.

Smith’s biggest theme was that he could not do it alone. Smith called out Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin, asking them to stand. Smith said that you cannot have one without the other. And after that the partisan crowd started the familiar refrain of “Moooooose,” Smith asked Daryl Johnston to stand.

With tears rolling down his cheek, Smith told Johnston, “You mean the world to me. Not just because we shared the same backfield, but because you sacrificed so much for me. People don’t understand what it took to be a fullback in our system, the sacrifices you made, not simply your body but your whole spirit.

“You took care of me as though you were taking care of your little brother. Without you, I know today would not have been possible. You sacrificed so much. I love you Daryl from the bottom of my heart.”

And you have to wonder if a guy like Johnston would ever get Hall of Fame consideration considering what he did for the Cowboys offense. Probably not, but Johnston got a proper acknowledgment in Canton.

In the end, the heavy Cowboys crowd demanded a great performance from Smith. And like he always did during his playing days, Smith delivered.

– Adam Rank

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