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MichaelWi101 08-03-10 02:54 PM

Favre announces his yearly retirement
Just when you were getting used to normal news on BSPN here is comes ----once again Brett Favre aka the boy who cried wolf - has once again announced he is retiring and of course we've now had a steady does of talking heads debating whether or not it's real this time.

I bet executives at the mother ship wet themselves when they got the news.....

Dulce 08-03-10 03:17 PM

:laugh great title. :roll

Rzarector7 08-03-10 10:52 PM

He will be back before the season starts, like after training camp and preseason! He is too old to go through all of that.

montgod 08-04-10 02:21 AM

Very true. Rumor is he is just trying to get money and from reports, it looks like the Vikings will bite in offering him more. And why wouldn't they... they currently have Tavaris Jackson starting!!

MichaelWi101 08-04-10 11:35 AM

Of course he's going to play this year, he'll come back about week 2 or 3 to be the 'savior' of the Vikings.

I can't believe anyone who has watched even a minute of the past 3 years of 'will he or won't he' believes that this is anything more than a prima donna wanting more attention and he's getting it. And face it, to be a star quarterback in the NFL you have to be a prima donna...ESPN has fallen all over itself covering this non-story....

He's lapping up this attention like a thirsty dog lapping up water on a hot Texas summer day....

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