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Money4Nothing 06-23-10 10:52 AM

USA Soccer omg
Goal in the 91'st minute to advance?

Holy Crap.


Dulce 06-23-10 11:03 AM


TimmyDthaWay2B 06-23-10 12:21 PM

Ya, that 100 and however minutes of pure soccer boredom was washed away by that game winning goal

Jose_TheGenius 06-23-10 12:22 PM

USA Soccer = vintage Spurs basketball

keep it close, raise my blood pressure and heart rate, and win it at the end lol

Money4Nothing 06-24-10 12:15 PM

Italy just lost to Slovakia!

Epic fail.

Defending champs don't get out of the round robin.
They are in a pit of fail with France, and can't get out...


Dulce 06-24-10 01:01 PM

Still can't believe Italy! France, yeah I can believe that, but ITALY???

Very Epic fail.

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