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Dulce 01-19-10 02:46 AM

Cowboys fans.... NOW WHAT?
Cowboys fans.... NOW WHAT?
Written by Dulce-MVP Texas
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 02:20



Sunday's humiliating 34-3 loss to the Minnesota Vikings had Cowboys fans crying in their beers.

Cowboy fans were very disappointed with by the performance of not only Tony Romo (that goes without saying) but the whole team. The Offensive line, who I thought were suppose to be protecting the quarter back, did nothing to help Romo, the Defensive line did everything to help Farve. Romo was left out to dry. He had 3 fumbles, was sacked 6 times, intercepted once and had 0 touchdowns while Farve had 0 fumbles, was sacked 3 times, intercepted 0 times and had 4 touchdowns.
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Dasher 01-19-10 03:36 AM

Nice. :hat

Skunk Works 01-22-10 11:42 AM

I put all the blame on the coaching staff period.
The were out scouted out coached and adjustments were not made.
Yes the players had a bad game no doubt.
But the blame should be at the top.

PHANTOM21 01-22-10 02:39 PM


jefe666 01-27-10 04:44 PM

i like wade phillips calling the defense. I HATE jason garrett. period. maybe hell get better as time moves forward. maybe. maybe monkeys will start flyin outta my butt...

Dulce 01-27-10 05:41 PM

maybe -- :D

Joe Tango from San Diego 01-29-10 10:54 PM

I'll echo your sentiments, but my title would be Chargers fans.. Now What?
Keep in mind that other than an AFL championship from before I was born, The Chargers have been to one Super Bowl only and this was supposed to be the year.... :banghead

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