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bevo 09-30-09 02:09 PM

fantasy trade advice...
running dead last in my league and winless.

team is p and e manning at qb
fitzgerald, b edwards and k walter at WR. just picked up p. garcon with indiana
rb. t jones, larry johnson, j stewart and now choice out ofdallas

trade offered is Schaub and Boldin for P manning and Garcon

not sure if its a good trade.. really need better RBs. but wr havent been consistent either.


X-Wing 09-30-09 08:57 PM

You definitely need help, and Schaub is a decent option if you give up Peyton, but I'd look to get better at RB in the deal as well. Consider throwing in any of your RBs for a good upgrade there.

You ARE giving up one one of the top 1 or 2 scoring QBs depending on your format.

Be aware that Warner has spread it evenly between all three of his targets. If this continues it limits the value of Boldin and Fitz...

maurice13 10-01-09 09:48 AM

Let Garcon play out a week or two. His value may be way closer to Boldin's than Schaub's is to Peyton's.

bevo 10-02-09 11:54 AM

i countered for forte and schaub. i threw in t jones as well. he rejected

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