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Jason R 09-28-09 08:29 PM

The Cowboys
When did they start sucking so bad?

Dulce 09-28-09 08:47 PM

When Troy left.

Jason R 09-28-09 08:52 PM

Gaaaaaah it's so true.

Dasher 09-28-09 09:11 PM

I was watching the game but it was putting me to :zzz

Jason R 09-28-09 10:19 PM

Suddenly they're an offensive juggernaut!

joballer 09-29-09 12:22 AM

Cowboys have so much talent on offense but I don't understand the play calling.

SleepyAdamII 09-29-09 02:13 PM

our running game is what's winning games.

alas Barber and Jones are out....

Flozell Adams has to go, he's a walking penalty and momentum killer.

renocarter1515 09-30-09 04:28 AM

you know it shows how bad romo is because if your running game is working like that you know guys are open on play action safteys have to be biting on the run...
but no hes just lost it i know to gone but idk its just depressing to watch

Jason R 10-04-09 06:10 PM

Man they suck this year.

joballer 10-04-09 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by Jason R (Post 1163828)
Man they suck this year.


SleepyAdamII 10-04-09 06:23 PM

They really suck

George 10-04-09 07:15 PM

They've been sucking for at least 12 years...when the "Big Three" left. How long has it been since they've won just 1 playoff game?

Grego 10-04-09 08:27 PM

They were last good when I was in middle school. Wow, that was a long time ago.

Dulce 10-04-09 08:44 PM

What a way to open the new billion dollar stadium with this team.

But I guess instead of opening a new billion dollar stadium, Jer Jer should have spent some of that money on talent.

grizzly_bexar 10-09-09 05:50 PM

They're the Mavs of the NFL.

And a hair's breadth away from turning into the Knicks.

static_x_2666 10-10-09 01:03 AM

God i hate the Cowboys so much... Go Texans!

versace3177 10-10-09 01:48 PM

The Texans , they're still in the league????

joballer 10-11-09 12:58 PM

it just boggles my mind. so much talent, and THEY SUCK. They just plain STINK. Down 10-0 to the chiefs

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