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Dasher 07-29-09 03:48 AM

Rose Bowl Rules Change
Rose Bowl Rules Change
July 27, 2009 by Allison Boyer

For the first time ever, teams outside of the Pac-10 and Big Ten have a good chance of playing in the Rose Bowl, the granddaddy of all of the BCS bowls, according to reports. Well, maybe “good” is a strong word, but considering that both conferences have championship contenders most years, it is at least a possibility.

Image: Newscom

Under the new rule, which will be in effect from 2010 to 2013, if the Pac-10 or Big Ten has their conference champion playing in the National Championship game, the Rose Bowl must take a non-BCS team, if one qualifies. Otherwise, the game will still be Pac-10 versus Big Ten.

As it should be.

What? I’m a purist when it comes to the Rose Bowl.

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MichaelWi101 07-30-09 11:55 AM

"non-BCS team, if one qualifies"

That's a safe bet, it'll stay Pac-10 Vs Big 10

fakemxcan 07-30-09 03:03 PM

it should be pac-10 vs big 10 or texas, seeing how texas played in two of the best rose bowl games ever! (and we are about to win a national championship there this year!)

highplainsspur 07-31-09 10:35 PM


Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 (Post 1154672)
"non-BCS team, if one qualifies"

That's a safe bet, it'll stay Pac-10 Vs Big 10

+1 :laugh

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