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SleepyAdamII 04-02-09 09:39 PM

Cutler to Bears: Deal Pending
Reported on ESPN

Denver Sends Cutler


Chicago's 1st round picks for 09,10, and Kyle Orton

Skunk Works 04-03-09 12:48 AM


blaze24k 04-03-09 02:22 AM

Denver gets>>
Kyle Orton
2009 1st (18th)
2010 1st (probably a top 15 pick)
2009 3rd (85th)

Chicago gets>>
Jay Cut it out Ler (hahaha!)
2009 5th Rd'r
IMO Chicago paid too much and it will hurt them
in the short term. They have too many holes, not
enough weapons, and now they have too few quality
draft picks too make any real improvement to the
team. On the other hand, it remains to be seen how
Denver uses this for the better or worse, We'll
know in a 3 years how it worked out.

blaze24k 04-03-09 02:35 AM

Chicago got star-struck when they should've just
stayed with a quality QB like Orton and used all
their draft picks to bring in some offensive weapons
and rebuild the O Line (a 33 yr old injury prone Orlano
Pace is not the answer).

cjdrivera 04-03-09 08:53 AM

While I think that Chicago is certainly a better team with this trade, Denver made out the best. Orton is a quality QB and from what i read from Urlacher it seems like they really liked him in the locker room. With those 4 1st rounders they could completley revamp their defense, especially since most 1st round defensive players are capable of starting from day one. If I'm Denver I give the job to Orton, draft D in 1st round. Go after a RB in 2nd round where they could still find an every down back. I always like it when a new coach comes to a team with a losing record and cleans house for draft picks.

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