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dark21horse 02-12-09 09:06 AM

Brett Favre Is Retiring..........AGAIN!
How many people actually believe that Brett will retire for good this time? The sad part about it is that a percentage of people won't believe that he is retiring for good and I think this might take away from whatever farewell Brett does. Oh well......it's his own fault.

Dasher 02-12-09 09:28 AM

So, anyone wanna take bets on how long he'll be retired this time?


liquidsky 02-14-09 08:02 AM

Brett Favre lost my respect years ago.

blaze24k 02-19-09 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by liquidsky (Post 1116752)
Brett Favre lost my respect years ago.

Tell me why Favre lost your respect, not like it matters- your nobody to him, but tell me what has he done--does he have a DUI? has he shot someone? made it rain at the strip club? beat up his wife? failed a drug test? what is it?

If one of the greatest players of all time changes his mind about retiring, so What! Jordan did it. If Favre felt, after his first retirement, that he could still play the game at high level which he proved he could, then who are we as fans to bash him for wanting to still play.

Favre is the Freakin man and check the record books if you need reminding.

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