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Dasher 02-01-09 10:35 PM

The 10 best moments from NBC's Super Bowl XLIII pregame show
Sun Feb 01, 2009 6:02 pm EST

The 10 best moments from NBC's Super Bowl XLIII pregame show
By Chris Chase

Here are some moments that we particularly enjoyed from NBC's six-hour long Super Bowl XLIII pregame show (the Super Bowl of pregame shows!). Feel free to add your own.

1. NBC's camera catching the madeover Brenda Warner talking to … Yahoo! Sports’ very own Michael Silver!

2. Today's Ann Curry asking the Mayor of Phoenix: “I understand that this is the first time since 1898 that the Arizona Cardinals have actually been in the the Super Bowl, so how important is this for Arizona?”

3. Do not want: NBC’s “Super Suite” with Al Roker. Bonus do-not-want points for Jimmy Fallon's Super Bowl XLIII jersey. Super-duper do-not-want points for the 3D glasses worn by Jerome Bettis and Al Roker to promote NBC's "Chuck".

4. Minutes after Bruce Springsteen's halftime show playlist allegedly leaked on Sports by Brooks, Bob Costas asking the Boss, “The blogosphere is buzzin' ... What's the playlist?"

5. The Sporting Blog's live blog, right after NBC featured a performance by Journey: "If I'm representative of the modern nerd class, thousands of NBC viewers just visited Journey's Wikipedia page to find out if the band has always had a young Filipino lead singer.”

6. NBC’s audio feed dropping out when Matt Lauer was interviewing President Barack Obama on live TV. You could even hear a producer saying, “Did we lose him?”

7. The soft-focus piece on Larry Fitzgerald, his dad and his mom (who has since passed) was terrific and gets bonus points for the Nick Drake soundtracking.

8. Matt Millen picking the Cardinals "barring turnovers" which is sort of like picking the Steelers provided "they score more points."

9. After Cris Collinsworth spent a solid two minutes complaining about the NFL's overtime rules, Tony Dungy, the one man on the panel who would have a reason to loathe those rules, defends them. When in doubt, listen to Tony.

10. Dan Patrick trying to bait Keith Olbermann into a political discussion and Olbermann, for once, declining.

The 10 best moments from NBC's Super Bowl XLIII pregame show - Shutdown Cor... - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

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