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penguin_tom 05-11-07 10:48 AM

Williams tests positive

Docs recommend delay of Williams' NFL reinstatement
By Chris Mortensen

Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams tested positive for marijuana in April and will not be allowed to apply for reinstatement to the NFL until September, sources said.

Williams was suspended last year for violation of the substance abuse policy and was eligible to be reinstated this month, but the league's medical advisors that oversee Williams' personal rehabilitation program recently notified commissioner Roger Goodell of the positive test, sources said.

The doctors also recommended that Williams not be allowed to apply for reinstatement until September, sources said. The commissioner usually adheres to the advice of the medical advisors under the substance abuse policy.

"Falling off the wagon is part of rehab," a source said. "Based on the medical evidence in Ricky's case, the doctors say it's too early to come back. He had the positive test last month. Remember, he's been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder -- that's a real disease and a good percentage of those folks self-medicate with substances like marijuana, often at the moment they are about to have a high level of social interaction."

League spokesman Greg Aiello said the NFL would have no comment, as did Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene.

David Cornwell, an attorney who has represented Williams during his substance abuse cases, said he would honor the confidentiality policies in effect with another no comment.

Chris Mortensen covers the NFL for ESPN.

Anyone really surprised if this is true? BAck to the CFL buddy...

Malice 05-11-07 10:54 AM


TexasPandaMama 05-11-07 10:56 AM


SAScrub 05-11-07 10:59 AM

I guess dude loves hash more than he does football.

TexasPandaMama 05-11-07 11:09 AM

Fine and dandy.... but at least make an effort to pass the test if ya REALLY want to play ball.

Simon2150 05-11-07 11:42 AM

I work with his Uncle. He is the brother of Ricky's mom. Now, that's a useless post if I've ever seen one.... :lol

TiMVP513 05-11-07 01:46 PM

This guy can't seem to get it together.

penguin_tom 05-11-07 07:47 PM


Originally Posted by phillyspurslover (Post 1100659)
an embarrassment to UT football.

this guy is a joke.

Don't take offense to this...I'm not a UT hater.

But he is more like the students I've known from UT than not. It's the culture there.

TexasNative 05-11-07 08:52 PM

I think you'd have to be high to play pro football.

BEERNUTS 05-11-07 08:55 PM

What a waste -he loves the tree more than football.

spUrpenguin3000 05-11-07 09:28 PM

looks like he wont be playing for the rams now...

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