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ATH 04-26-07 03:40 PM

Schilling's bloody sock called into question?
Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling's reputation was the target of an attempted hit from, of all places, the Orioles' television broadcasting booth. Gary Thorne, who does play-by-play of Orioles games on the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) and has a solid national reputation, having done lots of work for ESPN, brought up the saga of Schilling's bloody sock during last night's telecast, according to the BOSTON GLOBE.

Thorne said on the air, while the Orioles were batting in the fifth, that he'd been told by Sox catcher Doug Mirabelli that was not blood, but paint, on the sock Schilling wore during Game 6 of the 2004 American League Championship Series against the Yankees. It was done for the public relations effect, Thorne said.

"The great story we were talking about the other night was that famous red stocking that he wore when they finally won, the blood on his stocking," Thorne said to broadcast partner Jim Palmer, the Hall of Fame pitcher, in a conversation that had begun with a discussion of Schilling's blog.

"Nah," Thorne said. "It was painted. Doug Mirabelli confessed up to it after. It was all for PR. Two-ball, two-strike count."

Palmer: "Yeah, that was the 2004 World Series [sic]." Thorne: "Yeah."

During a break two innings later, Thorne confirmed that's what he said, and that Mirabelli had told him so in a conversation "a couple of years ago."

"Go ask him [Mirabelli]," Thorne said.

Mirabelli was shocked, then angry, when relayed Thorne's comments.

"What? Are you kidding me? He's [expletive] lying. A straight lie," Mirabelli said. "I never said that. I know it was blood. Everybody knows it was blood."


beeballerblueUK 04-26-07 03:44 PM

Although this can never be proven true unless Schilling himself admitted to it, this is a plausible scenario. The "red sock" would have been a great PR move and helped to further motivate the players, seeing their pitcher on the mound bleeding for them.
Curious, Curious... :D

BEERNUTS 04-26-07 05:44 PM

Two paid Baltimore sportcaster hacks looking to distract in a game where they are getting their butts kicked.. While you are at it tell me about the grassy knoll!

kyleo 04-26-07 07:03 PM


BEERNUTS 04-26-07 07:32 PM

!!!!!!!!NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!

Oliver Stone to make movie about baseball mystery.

"The Red Sox"

It's a story to disprove that cut on the ankle that took nine stitches in it will never bleed.
Even if you are a baseball pitcher pushing off on it.

A fiction movie Rated G:violin :violin :violin

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