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TimmyDthaWay2B 07-29-14 08:47 PM

San Antonio could get an NFLteam?
According*to the Raiders website, Davis was in San Antonio*to see long-time Raider Cliff Branch inducted*into a local Hall of Fame.*

Henry Cisneros was*asked by MySanAntonio.com*if he thought the Raiders would end up moving to his city, "You'd have to ask [Davis]," Cisneros said. "I didn't press that point, but we want to give him things to think about and options should he need to make a decision."*

Davis has repeatedly said that he wants to keep the team in Oakland, but that the Raiders need a new stadium. Davis had reportedly hoped that he could tear down O.co Coliseum and*build a 50,000 seat stadium at the same site.*

However, those hopes were likely dashed in early July, when the the city of Oakland and MLB's Athletics came*to an agreement on a 10-year lease. Davis had felt that if the A's got a long lease, it would be impossible for his team to get a new stadium.*

The A's and the city of Oakland tentatively agreed*to a lease in late June, before finalizing*it on July 23. Davis' visit to San Antonio was believed to have taken place on July 18. On that same day, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was in Santa Clara, Calif., where*he suggested the Raiders could play*at Levi's Stadium, the new home of the 49ers.

Davis has made it clear*he doesn't want to share*Levi's stadium with the 49ers. Of course, if all else fails,*there's always Portland.

If the*Raiders*don't get a new stadium, the team could be making the move from Oakland to the Alamo. According*to MySanAntonio.com, owner Mark Davis met with San Antonio city officials in mid-July to discuss possibly moving his team to Texas.

The Raiders' lease at O.co Coliseum expires after the 2014 season and at that point they would theoretically be free to move anywhere, although 24 out of 32 NFL owners would have to approve any possible relocation.*

According to MySanAntonio.com's report, Davis took a helicopter tour of San Antonio and also visited the Alamodome, the stadium where the Raiders would potentially play if they made the move. The Alamodome could be upgraded to NFL standards in time for kickoff of the 2015 season.*

The Raiders currently play in the country's sixth-largest media market while San Antonio is the 37th largest.*

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told MySanAntonio.com that he had not heard about Davis possibly heading for Texas.*

"We don't have any information about (Davis' meeting in San Antonio), so there is no reason for us to comment," Aiello said. "We have received no applications from any of our teams to relocate at this point, so there is nothing for us to respond to."

If he moves to San Antonio, Davis would want a small, intimate stadium where he could put up a statue of his dad, former Raiders owner Al Davis.

Davis didn't have much to say when asked on Tuesday about his visit to San Antonio.*

Raiders owner Mark Davis meets with San Antonio officials; possible move?

Now that would be awesome.

alh1020 07-30-14 01:50 AM


Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B (Post 1316980)
.......The Raiders currently play in the country's sixth-largest media market while San Antonio is the 37th largest....


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alh1020 07-30-14 03:09 AM

As long as they continue to wear the silver and black, I would welcome them to San Antonio and hold the door open for them.

xmas97 08-02-14 08:22 PM

I hope it's not a pipe dream.

alh1020 09-02-14 05:49 AM

San Antonio Raiders will work, Cisneros says

Aug 19, 2014, 4:33pm CDT
Link to article Henry Cisneros is taking lead on San Antonio's discussions with Raiders - San Antonio Business Journal

Henry Cisneros’ discussions with Oakland Raiders officials about brand building, particularly among Hispanics, ultimately led to a meeting in the Bay Area between the former San Antonio Mayor and the NFL team’s owner, Mark Davis.

The Raiders want out of Oakland’s venerable O.co Coliseum.

Cisneros suggested that Davis take a look at San Antonio as a potential relocation option. Davis took him up on the offer last month.

“On the basis of those talks (in Oakland), Davis planned his visit to San Antonio,” Cisneros tells me in an exclusive interview. “He selected a date and came here. We had a very good and productive set of meetings over the course of three days.”

The Raiders currently share the roughly 48-year-old coliseum with the Oakland A’s. Their lease expires at the end of the 2014 NFL season. So San Antonio officials made sure that the Raiders’ mid-July visit included a tour of the 65,000-seat Alamodome, which was designed for football and opened nearly three decades after O.co Coliseum.

“When we walked into the dome, which was set up for football, we entered from the ground level,” says Cisneros, noting that Davis and company “didn’t quite know what to expect.”

The Oakland entourage was not disappointed.

“When you actually see the facility and what is possible there, it’s nothing short of amazing,” Cisneros continues. “Every member of the team was impressed.”

In addition to touring the dome, Cisneros says local officials met with Davis and other Raiders representatives about the size of the San Antonio market, the proximity of Austin, the importance of Mexico and the impact of corporate activity in the Eagle Ford Shale play south of San Antonio.

While the Raiders continue to gather information from the City of San Antonio, Cisneros believes Davis’ eyes are wide open to the possibilities here.

“I think where we stand now is that they understand they could succeed in San Antonio,” says Cisneros about Davis and the Raiders. “I think everyone understands that this can work.”

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