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alh1020 11-21-12 10:29 AM

138 points in one game!?!?
Kobe (and others) impressed with Grinnell’s Jack Taylor’s 138-point game

It is what the entire basketball world is buzzing about — Jack Taylor at little Grinnell University dropped 138 points in a game. He was 52-of-108 from the field and 27-of-71 from three.

And if you haven’t heard from him yet, Rob Dauster at CollegeBasketballTalk spoke with him Tuesday night.

Kobe Bryant had a good night himself — 25 points and he controlled the game down the stretch as the Lakers beat the Nets. But after the game in the press scrum (and it feels like a ruby scrum when you try to get close to Kobe and his locker) Taylor’s accomplishments came up. And Kobe might be the player walking the planet most able to relate to Taylor and what he did.

Dave McMenamin of ESPNLA transcribed the conversation.
Reporter: Kobe, a college kid scored 138 points tonight and took over 100 shots …
Bryant: “Wow … No kidding? Where?”
Reporter: Grinnell College in Iowa.
Bryant: “Really? Wow. That’s impressive. That’s crazy. I don’t care what level you’re at. Scoring 138 points is pretty insane. How many 3s did he shoot?”
Reporter: 71.
Bryant: “Holy sh–. How many points did they score as a team?”
Reporter: 179.
Bryant: “What?!”
Reporter: No other starter had double figures.
Bryant: “That’s incredible.”
Reporter: Dude on the other team scored 71 points and lost.
Bryant: “That’s amazing. He must have been wearing the Mambas, man. Only Mambas have no conscious to shoot the ball like that
Reporter: If you did that, would people be celebrating you?
Bryant: “Would people be celebrating me if I scored 138 points? You know how it is, some people would, some people wouldn’t. They can all kiss my a– as I’m sure he feels the same way. If you score 138 points, you kind of have a license to tell people to f— off.”
Kobe wasn’t the only one impressed, here’s a few NBA players on twitter.
<abbr title="Verified Account">✔</abbr>https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images...ey5_normal.jpgKevin Durant @KDTrey5
Jack Taylor you deserve a shot of Jack Daniels after that performance lol...wow

20 Nov 12
<abbr title="Verified Account">✔</abbr>https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images...57_normal.jpegAndre Drummond @DRE_DRUMMOND_
That boy Jack Taylor Is something serious! My Lord 138 points!

20 Nov 12
<abbr title="Verified Account">✔</abbr>https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images...597_normal.pngKendall Marshall @KButter5
Bout to get some shots up. #JackTaylorFlow

20 Nov 12
<abbr title="Verified Account">✔</abbr>https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images...ce_normal.jpegQuincy Miller @qmillertime
Let me take 108 shots...it's #getabucketdotcom lol

20 Nov 12
<abbr title="Verified Account">✔</abbr>https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images...73_normal.jpegCole Aldrich @colea45
138 points is impressive but I think shooting 108 times (71 3 pointers) is more impressive. #throwemup

20 Nov 12

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alh1020 11-21-12 10:32 AM

Jack Taylor’s numbers in perspective

Jack Taylor, a senior guard at Grinnell College (D-III) scored 138 points on Tuesday Night in the Pioneers 179-104 win over Faith baptist Bible College.

What you just read is not a mistake. 138 points in a 179-104 ball game.

Here is just a brief look at how some of Taylor’s numbers stacked up against Division-I on Tuesday night, and history in general:

The last time a team scored at least 138 points against another D-I team in regulation was TCU in December of 1999 (Beat Grambling 143-110).

The last game involving two D-I teams in which either side scored as many as Jack Taylor was St. Francis (NY) beating Long Island 142-140 in 2OT in February of 2003.

Jack Taylor had more points tonight than any D-I team this year (Northern Colorado scored 127 against Southwest on 11/10).

There were 42 games on Tuesday night that did not feature as many total points scored as Jack Taylor.

On Tuesday, Jack Taylor would have beaten Navy, Savannah State and Howard ALL TOGETHER by 11. (45+40+40=127).

On Tuesday, Jack Taylor would have also taken Ball State, TCU, and Duquesne ALL TOGETHER into overtime.(48+47+43=138)

Only 14 D-I teams took as many 3-point attempts in their games on Tuesday as Jack Taylor made in his (27). He took more 3-pointers than second and third closest teams combined. In fact, no two teams combined to make as many 3-pointers in a single game on Tuesday as Jack Taylor did.

Most 3-point attempts by a single team on Tuesday night:
Jack Taylor – 71
Utah Valley – 42
Wisconsin – 37
Iowa State – 33
Lafayette – 32
Columbia – 31
Texas Southern – 31
Alabama A&M – 30
Boston U – 29
Albany – 29
UC-Santa Cruz – 28
Bethune-Cookman – 28
Arizona State – 27
Charleston Southern – 27
Southeast Missouri – 27
Jack Taylor – 27 (Makes)

Jack Taylor has officially won the entire week.

Make sure to also check out NBC Sport’s exclusive interview with Jack Taylor following his historic night.

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alh1020 11-21-12 10:34 AM

Grinnell College’s Jack Taylor tells CBT his 138-point game now seems like ‘a blur’

When Grinnell College (IA) guard Jack Taylor woke up this morning, there’s no way he could have imagined that before he went to sleep that night, he would score 138 points, become an Internet sensation, and be doing media interviews until the wee hours of the morning.

NBCSports.com had a chance to speak with Taylor. Below is a transcript of the interview.

If I had told you at 8 a.m. this morning that you would put up 138 points, what would you have said to me?

Related link: http://collegebasketballtalk.nbcspor...38-point-game/

“I would have called you crazy. Coming into the game, I knew I was going to be getting more shots than usual. We played in our opening tournament and I didn’t shoot very well, so my coaches made a concerted effort to get more shots.”

Take me through the progression of things. How did you feel after getting a quick 10 points? 40? 70? 100?

“I started off the game cold, I went 0-for-4, then I thought I started warming up and thought I had an OK game. I thought I had 30 at halftime and coach said I had 58. I was surprised [laughs].

“My teammates said they wanted to give me the ball if I was going to keep making them, so I’m fortunate to have such unselfish teammates. The rest was really a blur. The basket seemed huge. There was a stretch where I hit eight in a row and that’s when I knew I had really gotten going.“

David Larson scored 70 points for Faith Baptist Bible. What do you think he’s thinking, having put up the game of his life and you almost double his point total?

“I’m sure he was just as excited as I am.” [laughs]

Out of high school, did you get any Division I looks? What ultimately landed you at Grinnell?

“Yeah I got a few D-I and D-II looks. Out of high school, I went out to prep school at Mercersburg Academy (Pa.).

The D-I school I got looks from was Columbia in the Ivy league. In D-II, it was Augustana.

Pretty much, the reason I came to Grinnell was because one of my friends played basketball here a couple years ago. He talked to me about the offensive creativity that they have here, so I thought it would fit my game perfectly.”

Now, what do you do from here? I mean, if you score 60 points in your next game, that’s a letdown, right?

“I think I’m going to be a marked man now, that’s for sure. It’s going to get a whole lot harder.”

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