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Dulce 12-30-09 06:35 PM

NBA Player of the Decade: Tim Duncan
NBA Player of the Decade: Tim Duncan
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It's difficult to surmise how the NBA of the Nineties will be remembered. It isn't as if the 1990s lacked for storylines beyond the obvious; it's just that the obvious, the dominance of Michael Jordan's Bulls, let little historical, mainstream sunlight reach points outside Chicago.

Our ending decade suffers no such problems. We have dynasties, the Lakers early in the millennium and a Spurs reign we will soon discuss in better depth. But we lack a suffocating talent so clearly better than his peers he renders them footnotes. While LeBron James exits the decade as the game's almost obviously most transcedant talent, the same could have been said of late '80s MJ. It wasn't 'til the rings rained that Jordan really took over the NBA. LeBron has yet to taste the ultimate success, and as such remains mortal in NBA discourse.
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maldoror 12-30-09 07:45 PM

"Rebounds like Wilt. Defends like Russell. Blocks shots like Dikembe. Scores like Amare. Passes like Divac. That's Tim Duncan."

If all that is true then Tim is clearly the the greatest player of all time.

Silver Samurai 12-31-09 04:26 AM

Scores like Amare? No way Amare wishes he can score like Tim Duncan!

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