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Guille 11-05-09 07:02 PM

Ginobili is Mr Clutch according to NBA.Com
"Is Kobe Bryant really that more clutch than LeBron James or Dwyane Wade?"
<!-- REAP --><!--startclickprintexclude--> http://i.cdn.turner.com/nba/nba/2009...ner_Number.jpg

<!--endclickprintexclude--><!-- /REAP -->Once again, we defined "clutch situations" as the last five minutes of a game with a scoring margin of five points or less. To measure how clutch a player is we used True Shooting Percentage (TS%), which accounts for trips to the free-throw line. And we looked at the last five seasons (not including the first week of the current season), 2004-05 through 2008-09, eliminating players who didn't attempt at least 180 field goals in clutch situations over that time. Here's the top 10...
<!-- REAP --><!--startclickprintexclude--><!--tablemaker--> <table class="cnnTMbox" width="600" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tbody><tr> <td class="cnnIEBoxTitle"> Highest True Shooting Percentage in Clutch Situations, Last Five Seasons </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="cnnTMcontent"> <table class="cnnTM" width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1"> <tbody><tr class="cnnIEHdrRowBG"> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">Player</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">FGM</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">FGA</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">FG%</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">3PM</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">3PA</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">3PT%</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">FTM</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">FTA</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">FT%</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">PTS</td> <td class="cnnIEColHdrC">TS%</td> </tr> <tr class="cnnIERowAltBG"> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">Manu Ginobili</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">96</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">219</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.438</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">29</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">83</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.349</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">202</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">235</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.860</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">423</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.656</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">Mehmet Okur</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">113</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">240</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.471</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">47</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">115</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.409</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">113</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">133</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.850</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">386</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.647</td> </tr> <tr class="cnnIERowAltBG"> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">Steve Nash</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">146</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">318</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.459</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">54</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">127</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.425</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">171</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">192</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.891</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">517</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.642</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">Amar'e Stoudemire</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">102</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">187</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.545</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">6</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.000</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">128</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">171</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.749</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">332</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.633</td> </tr> <tr class="cnnIERowAltBG"> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">Chauncey Billups</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">133</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">318</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.418</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">52</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">142</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.366</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">219</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">245</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.894</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">537</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.631</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">Carlos Boozer</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">109</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">190</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.574</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">--</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">75</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">99</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.758</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">293</td> <td colspan="2" class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.627</td> </tr> <tr class="cnnIERowAltBG"> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">Shawn Marion</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">126</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">230</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.548</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">11</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">37</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.297</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">68</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">88</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.773</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">331</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.616</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">Corey Maggette</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">84</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">204</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.412</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">10</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">42</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.238</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">189</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">215</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.879</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">367</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.615</td> </tr> <tr class="cnnIERowAltBG"> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">Kyle Korver</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">68</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">180</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.378</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">35</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">112</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.313</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">124</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">141</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.879</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">295</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.609</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="cnnIEColTxtL">Ming Yao</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">111</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">217</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.512</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">1</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">4</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.250</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">129</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">164</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.787</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">352</td> <td class="cnnIEColTxtR">0.609</td> </tr> </tbody></table> </td></tr> <tr><td class="cnnTMfooter">TS% = True Shooting Percentage = PTS/ (2*(FGA + (0.44*FTA)))</td></tr> </tbody></table> <!--/tablemaker--> <!--endclickprintexclude--><!-- /REAP -->Not only is Ginobili the new Batman, he's also Mr. Clutch. His shooting percentage isn't that great, but he's at the top of the list because he gets to the line often and makes his free throws when he does. The same goes for Maggette.
You might notice that every player in the top 10 is in the Western Conference. You also might notice that there's no Bryant, James, Wade or Carmelo Anthony in the top 10. They're a little further down the list. James ranks 12th, Anthony ranks 22nd, Wade ranks 28th and Bryant ranks 38th.

NBA.com: Kobe, LeBron or D-Wade: Which one is most clutch?

So... what do you think? :banana:drummer

old timer 11-05-09 07:24 PM

No surprise here. same old same old. The Spurs are well under the radar again, but those who pay close attention will have already known this about Manu. Some of the others, Kobe et al, probably did not fare so well because they almost always end up with the ball. Another reason they seem to be more clutch, they have the ball all the time, so it seems they are making a lot of shots, which they are, but without takinng into account how many they are also missing in crunch time one is only considering half the equation.

Jason R 11-05-09 08:18 PM

Another time where the stats don't tell the whole story.

Uwe Blab 11-05-09 08:56 PM

So we should offer a max contract to Okur?

Jose_TheGenius 11-05-09 09:09 PM

who's this Ming Yao player? any relation to Yao Ming?

Jason R 11-05-09 09:15 PM

The Chinese surname is placed first in their language.

CrackWhore 11-05-09 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius (Post 1169443)
who's this Ming Yao player? any relation to Yao Ming?

:lol Jose the Genius, huh?

exit7 11-06-09 12:53 PM

this list is ridiculous, nash and amare?? Ginobili is the man, but i dont think i would pick him over kobe for a last shot.

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