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Old 02-27-07, 07:00 AM
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Ferry worked phones seeking big changes

Lack of trade, no lack of trying
Ferry worked phones seeking big changes; Gilbert willing to spend
By Brian Windhorst

MIAMI - By all accounts, in the days leading up to the NBA trading deadline Thursday, the Cavaliers were one of the most active teams in the league.

Had the Sacramento Kings selected one of the packages that the Cavs offered to land point guard Mike Bibby, the roster might have a dramatically different look today than it did last week. But no deal got done. OK, that's reality, but that's not the end of it. A lot can be learned from what the Cavs were trying to do, and perhaps a lot should be remembered by the team itself.

Let's break it down:

• General Manager Danny Ferry's willingness to get radical -- and sources said he was working deals that would've included three or four teams and six or more players -- showed that he isn't, by far, satisfied with what the Cavs have. This shouldn't sound alarm bells. No GM is ever completely happy, but it is an indication of how strongly he feels about the need for change.

• There was obvious willingness from ownership to take on Bibby and his $12.5 million salary for this year and potentially $28 million for the next two years if he doesn't opt out of his contract. Fans don't usually care about ownership spending; they just want it, and don't think about it. But most NBA owners, even some of the megabillionaires, avoid the luxury tax threshold at all costs, and it is understandable.

For every dollar spent more than that number -- $65 million this year -- the team is taxed a dollar. Also, teams that are over the threshold don't get a full share of the tax disbursements to the non-tax teams. It's a major decision to move into that realm.

With LeBron James' maximum contract taking effect next year, the natural progression of Larry Hughes' and Zydrunas Ilgauskas' contracts, and the impending free agency of Anderson Varejao, the Cavs are headed past the tax threshold. For Gilbert to green-light the addition of salary, whether it happened or not, sent a major message.

• These strong feelings past the midpoint of the season can't be forgotten come this summer. The Cavs, despite a massive makeover with an all-time record $28 million in salary-cap room in 2005, don't have all the tools needed to legitimately compete for an NBA title. More roster management is needed. It didn't happen in February, but that doesn't mean it can't happen in July, and the Cavs' aggressiveness now shouldn't be abandoned then.

Last summer, the Cavs preached stability and left the roster virtually untouched after re-signing James and Drew Gooden. The decision not to -- or the inability to -- address the point-guard situation at the time proved costly.

It's obvious that stability is no longer the top priority, and it can't be. Two years ago, Miami Heat boss Pat Riley engineered a five-team, 13-player trade after his team had made the Eastern Conference finals. That move helped the Heat win the NBA title last season.

Ferry doesn't need to break that record, but it was obvious he was trying a similar shake-up last week. With major names still on the market after the trading deadline produced no big moves, it will be a busy summer. More will be learned about the Cavs by the end of the playoffs, but the need for change probably won't go away.
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Old 02-27-07, 07:40 AM
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The Cavs need a point guard like they are going out od style. Z is getting older and less mobile by the minute, so signing Anderson Varejao. They also could use a someone better at the 2 that can score more than Hughes can.
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Old 02-27-07, 08:03 AM
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Stinky Finger - It sucks not having Presti, huh?

"Into Sean Elliott. He fires the three. AND HITS IT!"
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Old 02-27-07, 08:09 AM
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Ferry can thank all gods that a deal for Bibby didn't materialize.
his work for the Cavs is a desaster and now it's more and more obvious.
(about a year ago I had some arguments with posters who claimed how great Ferry is doing)

the Cavs are going nowhere and they will be worse the next years. Lebrons greatness covers most of the mistakes and he alone brings the Cavs into the PO (in the weak East), it's a similar situation to what we have seen of Minny with KG for years.

they have 2 totally overpayed players in Hughes and Z, Bibby would have made it 3. they would have improved slightly this season, but not enough to compete with the Pistons. and they would have further more damaged all flexibility for the future.
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Old 02-27-07, 11:59 AM
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they should have gone for beno.
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Dave McNulla
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