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LAsucksForever 09-29-06 06:02 PM

Do not adjust your screens
Milwaukee debuted their new unis today. Gone is the purple of many years past, replaced by a dull red.


I'll give them credit for adopting a different color scheme...at least until they break out the red alternate home unis. I'm not a fan of the silver just on the home letters and not also the numbers.

Spurs817 09-29-06 06:24 PM

Man those make the old ones look nice.....:laugh

StrangeCheez 09-29-06 06:30 PM

The green one looks like a Christmas uniform.

Hairyhandedgent 09-29-06 06:39 PM

One beef I have when teams change their color schemes is that in order to be current fans have to but new gear .... I had AZ Diamondbacks season tix for 5 years and so I have lots of shirts, hats et cetera ... Next year they are going to go from a purple to a reddish color scheme so all my gear will be out of date and I'm strongly considering getting them again next year so beyond the cost of tickets, there will be an additional several hundred dollar investment in clothes

Spaceman Spiff 09-29-06 08:41 PM

Reason #1 that they do it is that everyone rebuys their jerseys and such.

tinman 09-29-06 08:50 PM

the new unis look like low-budget, high school uniforms. spurs817 was right...they really make the old ones look nice! was it santa claus who designed their road unis? what was the designer thinking? green and red?! euhhhh! *vomit*

Ray Espitia 09-29-06 09:55 PM

I really wish the Spurs would update their uniforms as well. I have been a fan since they moved to San Antonio from Dallas and have always really like the silver and black color scheme but I think a change is overdue. Could rub off on them and give them a renewed or rejuvenated sense of purpose. Change can really have an impact on people, a fresh new look could go a long way.

VDeal 09-29-06 10:00 PM

Bucks had green and red uniforms beforehttp://www.onlinesports.com/images/mn-ksmb74r33.jpg

elchiv 09-29-06 10:52 PM

These uniforms look like the Sonics' uniforms

Dark Deity 09-30-06 01:41 AM

Its all a bit Christmasy too me. There are worse out there and they'll probably look better in person.

andru 09-30-06 06:22 PM

I like the new jerseys, the purple,olive green was so 90's.......
plus their throwing back to their old colors, kinda like the cavs.....

they've already updated them 3 years ago for the SBC center....the only thing they should do is bring some throwbacks for a few games.....preferably the ones with the rodeo stripe on their butts

baseline bum 09-30-06 07:31 PM

Those are terrible. I won't say they should go back to the purple, because I hated those too. Both the new and old uniforms suck equally, I guess.

doom32x4 09-30-06 10:19 PM

The best change the Spurs could make to their uni's would be to bring back the Black-on-Black lettering.

td21mvp 10-01-06 12:51 AM

The Spurs don't need to change their uni scheme. They just need to update the pattern, just like the Pistons and Lakers did.

Dunc n Dave 10-01-06 06:58 PM


Originally Posted by elchiv (Post 1027399)
These uniforms look like the Sonics' uniforms

Exactly what I was thinking,

It reminds me of the Payton-Kemp Sonics. It's only missing the Space Needle logo on the front.

TRslick81 10-01-06 09:20 PM

yeah they look like the old schol buck unis but puke green and orange arent the best color combo
the style looks similar to the houston rocket uniform design

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