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Old 05-15-06, 03:21 AM
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Knicks owner considering buying Larry Brown OUT

Knicks buying out Larry? Dolan may be mulling move


Garden chairman James Dolan apparently has started the process of ending Larry Brown's dream job after one season.

According to sources, Dolan, upset over Brown's record and the coach's public criticism of his players, is considering buying out the final four years of Brown's contract, worth at least $40 million.

The Knicks declined to comment, and would neither confirm nor deny one published report that already is naming Knicks president Isiah Thomas as Brown's successor. Brown has indicated that he will not resign, but if Thomas takes over, the Knicks would avoid having to pay another coach upwards of $5 million annually.

Thomas, who coached the Pacers from 2000-2003 but never got them out of the first round of the playoffs, is said to be amenable to coaching the Knicks, one source told the Daily News.

Knicks brass has not met with Brown since the end of the 23-59 season, according to sources, perhaps another indication of Dolan's dissatisfaction with the Hall of Fame coach. According to a team official, Brown has requested a meeting with Dolan but Thomas has told Brown there is no reason for him to meet with the club's owner.

Last month, The News reported that a majority of the players blamed the Knicks' worst season in 20 years on Brown, whose hiring last July was looked upon as a way to return the struggling franchise to prominence.

Brown, one of the most successful coaches in basketball history, ended the season with 1,010 NBA victories (he is fourth on the all-time list) but was never happy with the roster that the embattled Thomas had assembled. The Knicks played and acted like the league's most undisciplined team, which reflected poorly on the players and Brown. The coach talked often about a wish list of players more suited to his team-first, defense-oriented style, but sources say Brown has been told the team cannot be changed significantly.

After joining the Knicks following a messy divorce from the Pistons, Brown quickly reignited his feud with point guard Stephon Marbury, which began during the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Within a few months, Brown had publicly criticized several players, which was an indictment of Thomas, who put together the league's most expensive roster at $125 million.

According to sources, Thomas also was upset that Brown chose to publicly air his complaints about the Knicks' flawed roster. A turning point came in late February, when Dolan and Thomas joined the Knicks for a three-day road trip to San Antonio and Memphis. The News reported that during that trip, Dolan told Brown to focus on coaching the players. The following day, Dolan gave Thomas a strong endorsement, while giving Brown a lukewarm review.

It was during that trip that Brown entered a Memphis hospital after complaining of chest pains. Six weeks later, Brown took ill and left a game in Cleveland in the third quarter, and was later taken on a stretcher to a hospital, complaining of an acid reflux problem. He missed the next three games, but returned for the finale against the Nets at Meadowlands Arena, where he let assistant Herb Williams run the team. During his farewell address to the media after the season, Brown shocked Garden brass by saying he had been suffering from the flu and that Thomas and team doctors had advised him not to coach that game.

According to two player agents with clients on the Knicks, the players staged a palace coup in front of Thomas during their exit interviews. Players never blame themselves, and they weren't about to cast aspersions on Thomas, the man responsible for bringing them to New York.

Instead, approximately eight of the Knicks' 15 players blamed Brown for arguably the worst season in franchise history. The most common complaints were Brown's failure to define roles and his penchant for publicly criticizing his players.

"The Knicks are going to have to make changes because there is no way Larry can walk into the locker room with this same group," one source said then. "He lost a lot of those guys and he's not going to win them back."

Brown could not have been surprised by the feedback Thomas was getting. Two weeks earlier, Brown admitted that several Knicks had long since tuned him out, and said that the season had been reduced to "begging guys to play."

After the exit interviews, Thomas said: "We do have a group that, for everything that I've heard today, like each other, want to stay together and want to play together, and believe that they can get it done."
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Old 05-15-06, 07:45 AM
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Regardless of whether or not Brown is the problem (and he very likely may be), Isaiah Thoms has put together a roster that cannot win, coach notwithstanding. In some ways I'd like to see Thomas take the reins because the ridiculousness that is the NYK will be exposed. $125 million roster does not a team make.

Poor Malik.
In nothing too much, especially in everything.
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Old 05-15-06, 08:49 AM
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I think Brown is a big reason for their record. Not saying they are a championship calibur team, but that team should have had at least 10 more wins. At best they could have competed for the 8th playoff spot. I know they're not really a playoff team per se, but some teams 5-8 in the east all had a .500 record or so.

You let the NYK win some of those games and it changes everything
"I think the problem with people now is that nobody wants to take responsibility for anything. But don't quote me." - Unknown
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Old 05-15-06, 09:50 AM
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Larry Brown is a jake.

Isaiah Thomas is a jake.

Who's the bigger jake? Only the shadow knows, but rest assured of one thing - Larry Brown will get paid.

The guy isn't even healthy enough to coach one more season, much less four more. The Knicks were morons for signing him to a contract at alkl, much less one that long.

Brown has always been out for himself. Can he coach? Yes, he has at times coached well, but at this stage of his career, he's in it for the cash and nothing else.

Still, look for him to accept the buyout, cry to the media that he was pushed out, and then take over the reins in another city.

Same tired old act.
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Old 05-15-06, 09:50 AM
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i knew it was a match made in hell when people first started talking about it. just like i knew that pippen wouldn't fit in houston. i don't care how good the gear is, if it doesn't fit then things will start grinding to a stop.
Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. -- Albert Einstein - US (German-born) physicist (1879 - 1955)

Dave McNulla
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Old 05-15-06, 10:23 AM
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Isaiah Thomas will have to coach the team he constructed? Isn't that cruel and unusual punishment- shouldn't they just fire him?
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Old 05-15-06, 10:27 AM
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Damn that org is hemorrhaging cash.

With or without Brown I don't see any significant improvement for the Knicks next season.
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