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dfwSPURSfan 03-09-06 11:26 AM

Welcome to St. Croix
A friend of mine took this pic for me when he was in St. Croix last week. It's on the road as you exit the airport, so practically every tourist (including Laker fans) sees it when they arrive.

Tim looks pretty young, I'm guessing the pic was from his rookie year.

If this pic's been posted before, please lock. I'm not on as much as I used to.


MomBear 03-09-06 11:56 AM

:hat cool.... thanks for posting it... :thumb

whorybiatch 03-09-06 01:38 PM

I love the reminder to drive on the left :D

Love Boat Captain 03-09-06 02:03 PM


Originally Posted by missmyzte
I love the reminder to drive on the left :D

I'm sure that's a helpful reminder for tourists, but it's probably primarily a reference to the fact that Pop drove on the wrong side of the road the first time he went there.

Jules 03-09-06 02:09 PM

St Croix
The signs actually on the road say "KEEP YOUR ASS ON THE GRASS".


beany spur 03-09-06 02:43 PM

does anyone know if tim ever had the typical "islander" accent? if so, did he lose in in college, or what? it seems that everyone there talks with that accent. that would be kinda funny to imagine, since he's such a well spoken fellow.

true poet 03-09-06 05:03 PM

What does being well-spoken have to do with an accent??

curiousspirit 03-09-06 06:35 PM

Cool :hat

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