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TheGame05 07-31-05 05:29 AM

Damon Stoudemire has not agreed to join the Grizzles..
According to a Houston Chronicle report on Saturday, free agent guard Damon Stoudamire had agreed to sign a 4-year pact with the Grizzlies.

Not so fast, says Mr. Stoudamire.

Local Fox news in Houston spoke with Damon at Tracy McGrady's celebrity softball game on Saturday and the 5-foot-10 point guard stated that he has not spoken with the Grizzlies and that his agent has interacted with them just once.

Stoudamire went on to say that the Rockets are his number one choice and have been for a while.

He also spoke with Channel 2 News in Houston, adding that Portland was "trying to block everything I'm doing", likely alluding to sign-and-trade attempts by the Rockets.

The fact that Stoudamire did say good things about the situation in Memphis could suggest that the the Grizzlies have in fact put an offer out on the table, but the guard likely is holding out hope that Houston and Portland can come to an agreement on a trade.


spurssheriff 07-31-05 06:39 AM

But.. This morning, the Houston Chronicle says this:

After reaching an agreement with free-agent power forward Stromile Swift two weeks ago, the Rockets turned their attention to landing a veteran guard for their backcourt.

The player atop their wish list — Houston resident Damon Stoudamire — had expressed an interest in joining the team.

But according to sources, Stoudamire and the Memphis Grizzlies have agreed on a four-year, $17 million deal that will be finished when the NBA lifts its moratorium on signings. The NBA and the players' union finished talks and completed their deal early today, clearing the way for teams to start making deals.

Stoudamire averaged 15.8 points and 5.7 assists with Portland last season.

Stoudamire, 31, appears to be a good fit for the Grizzlies, who are bracing for the loss of Earl Watson. Memphis reportedly is pursuing a sign-and-trade deal for Watson, who spent three seasons backing up point guard Jason Williams.

With Stoudamire having made $12.5 million with the Trail Blazers last season and the Rockets able to offer their salary-cap exemption of only $1.8 million, the teams reportedly were discussing a sign-and-trade deal.

Rockets forwards Clarence Weatherspoon, owed $6.53 million over the final year of his contract, and Juwan Howard, due $26 million over four years, reportedly were dangled as trade bait, but the two clubs failed to reach an agreement, paving the way for Stoudamire to sign with Memphis.

Miami and Cleveland also reportedly were interested. With Stoudamire off the market, the Rockets will alter their search.

Latrell Sprewell, Michael Finley and Gary Payton have been discussed as options.

Coincidentally, Stoudamire is set to participate in a charity softball tournament hosted by Rockets swingman Tracy McGrady this afternoon in League City.

The Rockets also learned free agent forward Scott Padgett has agreed to a multiyear deal with Phoenix. Padgett, 29, averaged 3.8 points and 2.6 rebounds over two seasons with the Rockets. He is expected to back up All-Star Amare Stoudemire.


TheGame05 07-31-05 06:59 AM

that article was from yesterday morning. Before DS had made his comments

ObeOne Ginobili 07-31-05 11:33 AM

This is funny..I posted a thread yesterday and it got taken off about Jeff McInnis signing,Which he did and it was brand new news.. The other posts were about him in the makings of signing with a new team... Now this???? This is not a complaint, but I could I make a suggestion, If it is real news let it stay..Some people would like to read about it.. I also understand that if people post things over and over, It does get out of control. Give the press credit, Some times they make little mistakes(or in this case a big one)lol :lol

So with that said, Be fair and enjoy this site. This is the best managed site I have been on... Great job to those who control the threads.. Keep up the great work

Amente 08-01-05 09:20 AM

A report out of Memphis says that J. Williams is on his way out via a 3-way trade that will
involve Miami and another undisclosed team.

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