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Mateobv05 06-23-05 11:21 PM

1000+ Reasons we love our spurs
Lets do it...

1) They are nothing but HEART!!!!!

Long Live eLliott 06-23-05 11:23 PM

2) Class

GSG 06-23-05 11:23 PM

3) Definition of the word "team"

Pizbo 06-23-05 11:25 PM

5.) because malone has nothing to do with us.

medigerati 06-23-05 11:26 PM

6.) Because Priest and Nuns pray for them!

SoupIsGood 06-23-05 11:26 PM

7) Manuuuuuuuu! :)

Mateobv05 06-23-05 11:29 PM

8) TIMVP....TIMVP.....TIMVP.....TIMVP....TIMVP....TIM VP....

jesterbobman 06-23-05 11:30 PM

8) international team

Ian 06-23-05 11:31 PM

9) Love manu's voice :)!


TexWalker 06-23-05 11:32 PM

Classic Colors!

jesterbobman 06-23-05 11:33 PM


Squall jpnrc 06-23-05 11:34 PM

because THE SPURS simply!

KliqerT 06-23-05 11:35 PM

12) Because that's how they roll.

LauraBC 06-23-05 11:36 PM


Originally Posted by Squall jpnrc
because THE SPURS simply!

I like this one the best! :)

Money4Nothing 06-23-05 11:42 PM

13) Because of Herbal Tea


medigerati 06-23-05 11:50 PM

14.) No matter how TERRIBLE that refs are, spurs don't whine!

Bring Oberto! 06-23-05 11:50 PM

14) Because when they played their real D they showed the world they could stop the so cal TOUGH pistons

Mateobv05 06-23-05 11:54 PM

screw the numbering..lets just get 1000+ posts..

BUTD 06-24-05 01:09 AM

15) The great silver and black uniforms.

Lord Deimos 06-24-05 01:12 AM

16) Because it pleases me to see them rip other team's hearts out MUHAHAHA

GoSpurs99 06-24-05 01:12 AM

17) Spurs respect the game!

manuginobili 06-24-05 01:14 AM

18) They make us sweat like if we were playing inside the court...

injektilo 06-24-05 01:16 AM

19. They provided us with the opportunity to see John Salley in a speedo.

highplainsspur 06-24-05 01:18 AM

16) Red and green jalapenos on the nachos

bianca_19 06-24-05 02:31 AM

because they are the 'defending world champs' of basketball!! :rockon

get used to it, detroit!!

shelden 06-24-05 02:59 AM

Bruce Bowen's suffocating defense!

JBurns99 06-24-05 03:29 AM


The Ice Man's Fingeroll! (manu's too)

KillaWatt 06-24-05 03:30 AM

The BEST front office in the League.

andrea js 06-24-05 03:39 AM

Cuz good guys don't always finish last :wink :)

msuh24 06-24-05 04:23 AM

ROBERT HORRY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alamo Girl 06-24-05 04:28 AM

Because of the starting backcourt, one doesn't understand the word "prostitute" and another "spelling bee".

Silver Samurai 06-24-05 05:18 AM

Because they are true champions and legends and they play the game the way it should be played!

user name 06-24-05 05:38 AM

Because they speak more languages than any other team, including their coach.

Timmy21girl 06-24-05 07:06 AM

Because theres more than 1000 reasons we could list :rockon

maxtheking 06-24-05 07:57 AM

because of POP! :rockon

Cruzzer 06-24-05 08:06 AM

32) Because we get no love from the media ... BUT STILL KEEP SHOWING THEM!

RaP 06-24-05 08:18 AM

33 because of BRUCE BOWEN's D

Mateobv05 05-27-13 02:06 PM

'Cause we're still here baby!!

JuanCaca 05-27-13 02:19 PM

35) because they are like jekyll and hyde, JUST FOR FUN, if not, they could win 82 games out of 82... and thats boring!!

katyspursfan 05-27-13 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by BUTD (Post 574430)
15) The great silver and black uniforms.

Have you seen the home unis?


SpursFan FoLife 05-27-13 03:12 PM


Eddy from Austin 05-27-13 03:22 PM

36. Tony Parker

esparzar1 05-27-13 03:56 PM

37. Kawhi leonaaaaaaard!!!!

spurscrazed 05-27-13 04:14 PM

38)Spurs TEAM will always be RESILIENT and Will NOT BE FADED! :smirk

Cause Dis is Spurs Ball and Dis is how they ROLL!


InegoMontoya 05-27-13 07:06 PM

because Tim Duncan has never fouled anyone in his life

side note, I noticed someone has my screen name as their signature quote and someone else has my picture as their avatar... I approve!

rapideEtpetit 05-28-13 12:39 AM

because they prove time and time again that a good character and hard-work eventually trumps all the flash and showtime in the world.

jmbarton 05-28-13 12:41 PM

41) They will execute you to death.

SPURSGIRL4Life 05-30-13 12:54 AM

Because they made Kobe and Fisher cry.
Spurs beat Lakers. Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant crying. 2003. - YouTube

Spurd_On 05-30-13 01:05 AM

47) Home games start at 7:30 Central Time and I can stay awake for an entire game.

I count 46 reasons posts previous to this.

Spurd_On 05-30-13 01:09 AM

48) I like SpursReport posters even if they can't count.

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