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Manu interview

Sorry for the bad translation, but here it is:

Interview with Manu Ginóbili MIAMI, Florida (3 of May, 2005) - In his third season playing in the NBA the Argentinean Emanuel Ginóbili consolidates as an authentic star not only of its equipment but in the league. Next we presented/displayed a dialogue with ' Manú, the figure of the Spurs that fights to surpass to Denver and to advance to the following round of the NBA Playoffs 2005.

How it has been this series as opposed to Denver? Very difficult, we did not have the first ideal game and has been complicated. They have a great equipment and we needed to continue improving to leave winners in this series.

What is needed so that the Spurs first round gains this? We must improve our stronger game and being. We will have to continue being aggressive because they also it have been. We must add more bounces and lose except the ball, simply to be more aggressive.

How it is your experience in these NBA Playoffs compared with the one of the previous year? He is something similar because each technician and player know that the opportunities to fail are smaller. We already committed several errors in the first game and we do not want it to repeat. The only difference to my favor that I am more customary to the league, more is established and what to hope of me and I feel very comfortable.

Which are your sensations when playing in the NBA Playoffs? He is something only, he enchants to me and each player must live this. I feel very satisfied to manage to participate in this postemporada, likes the atmosphere, the adrenalin, the pressure and I believe that I am passing one of the best moments of my life. My plan is to arrive at the end.

How can be compared the intensity of the NBA Playoffs with the intensity of other matches of basketball like the Olympic ones? There is much adrenalin in these matches also. But in the Olympic ones he is more complicated because you only have an opportunity. You only can have badly started off and you cannot be allowed having errors. The error margin minimum is compared with the Playoffs.

How he is San Antonio for the Playoffs? I believe that we are in a good form. We understand the errors that we have committed and will have to maintain our level and to demonstrate porqué we are here. This it is a great equipment, I believe that we can arrive in the end and we will fight this.

And your companions? I believe that all the equipment is in a great physical training conditions and psychic. We had some preoccupations by the health of Tim (Duncan) the last month. We were playing very well but when your stellar player is injured somehow all the group feels it. It worries and we tried to animate it and I believe that that was somehow the reason for which we descended our level at the end of the regular season.

What you think of the presence of another Argentinean is in the NBA Playoffs? It is very sad that Carlos (Delfino) has not been in the list because is a very important opportunity participating in the NBA Playoffs. But it has had many problems with his knee and is normal that there are not it including in the establishment of the Playoffs. On the other hand I am very happy because Andrés (Nocioni) had a great first game and I hope that it follows thus during all the series. In addition it is part of one to the equipment surprises of the league in the present season. The Chicago Bulls has had a great campaign and we will already see what so far arrives with a so young establishment.

Which is your opinion of the record of Latin players participating in the NBA Playoffs? Delf*no and (Anderson) Varejao were closely together to arrive but I believe that this number will continue growing every year and do not have doubt of this. I have listened of several Brazilian boys can arrive at the league soon and I am very optimistic by which a pair of Argentineans also accompanies to us. The level of the basketball in Latin America is growing and by this we will see more and more Latin in the NBA.

And how you feel of being part of this movement? He is wonderful. Eduardo (Nájera) was one of first in beginning this new group of Latin and he is proud to me to be part of this. I like when they say to us that we have heart and determination at the time of playing and I believe that our form to play and being can help teams to technicians, so there is to give the opportunity to the Latins. Also aids of some form to those young people who dream about the NBA participating in communitarian programs like Básquetbol Without Borders... Very I am moved by this program. Although now I am only thinking about the Playoffs I consider that this initiative is very important. The NBA has made a great work in Africa, Europe and the previous year was made with much success in Brazil I hope that all we along with enjoy this program in my country other players NBA, will be a great experience for all.

Indeed this program will make a visit to White Bay, your city of origin, which are your commentaries? I have always wanted to return to my city and to do something, this will be the perfect opportunity and I am in favor very happy of this. I believe that he will be wonderful and many boys will enjoy and they will benefit from this program. For me he is very exciting.

Some message for your followers? That to us they continue accompanying because we will continue playing until we arrive at the end.
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