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Season Ticket Holder Letter to the Spurs

I have decided at this point to NOT renew my season tickets. My decision is not an easy one to make because of my love for basketball and my team, The Spurs!

My heart has always been for, GO SPURS GO, as all Spurs fans. I believe I am not alone in saying that this logo has such a greater meaning than a team on a basketball court. There have been moments through our history that have been difficult but served to illustrate the very FULL meaning of this logo.

Such as when Tim Duncan was injured and we held him out of the playoffs to preserve his future even though his free agency wasn't far off. And, when Tim's father passed and the team encouraged him to miss playoff games to be with his family. Also, when Stephen Jackson became a locker room distraction and we let him go just before the playoffs. Don't forget supporting all of our foreign players participating with their national teams all these years. Most recent is the way Pop handled LaMarcus Aldridge being unhappy here. And even this year the way we are handling the Kawhi Leonard injuries.

All of these serve to show the world the level of commitment and support that our Spurs Team has. A Commitment that holds players long-term health above any individual season. Support for the families of those employed by the team above its own financial goals. Their commitment to holding true to the harmony of the team against any individual efforts to disrupt. The support of what is so important to others from foreign countries even though it costs our team. The commitment to what's best for the team in the face of Pop's own pride in admitting his error and stepping into it to remedy the situation. And, once again, putting an individuals health before any particular season.

I stand in great pride to be part of such a wonderful history. All of these mighty principals that are part of my witnessing The Ice Man in HemisFair Arena, The reception party for David Robinson in the AlamoDome and subsequent team titles, the experience of watching the careers of Robinson, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili. I will forever hold the joy of the years shared with my father and son.

However, even though I am as small of a voice as there could be and my decision will have absolutely no consequence on the team, I must stand as one individual, that vehemently opposes Greg Popovich and his arrogant behavior in using his public pulpit to disparage our president. Not arrogant because of his position but because he does so with the full confidence that there is no repercussion for using his position within the Spurs organization. Not that I agree with everything any president of our great country has believed, but we should all respect the position and allow our system to play out its course with the support of those that elected him or not. Our greatest voice is when we vote.

Again, I wish to repeat my position. I respect Pop's right to his opinion. Of course! I even support some of what Pop has had to say. What I can not, and will not support, is anyone or any organization that agrees with using their platform, in which I pay for by supporting the organization, to contribute to such mean spirited and down right nasty treatment of the office of president.

I know Pop would argue that he has every right to voice his opinion. I agree wholeheartedly. His right, but not the right that comes with his responsibility of coach of a professional team that is publicly supported. Voice your opinion from the rooftops, Pop, yes sir! Just not from the top of the San Antonio Spurs roof.
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Here here!

If you want to express your political opinions, go on a political talk show. If you do it as the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, you are alienating the fans that do not agree, and who aren't paying to hear your political views.
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See Ya Both !!! God I Hate Bandwagon Fans !!!

" 01000110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01010100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01001100 01100001 01101011 01100101 01110010 01110011 "
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Amen brother disciple! You are not alone, we too did not renew our seats of 40 years. Pops total disrespect for the millions that voted for Trump really is outrageous.

and Racspur, your just plain ignorant to post what you did.
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