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disciple 02-08-18 02:06 PM

Cavs blowing it up !!!
Cavaliers trade six players: Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Jae Crowder, Iman Shumpert, Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, own first-round pick.

Cavs get four players: Rodney Hood, George Hill, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance, Heat 2nd round pick.

alh1020 02-08-18 03:45 PM

That's not a bad crew the Cavs got in return and also kept the Brooklyn 1st round pick. Not a bad day at the office.

mckennaspur1 02-08-18 06:56 PM

Question for Cleveland is whether the new pieces can mesh quickly. It may be a matter of whether George Hill can quarterback everyone. Cavs need some kind of revival from Love and Thompson.

parkfan 02-08-18 08:21 PM

I think they made their team a lot better.

spursfan9 02-08-18 08:54 PM

George Hill! i think this help them.
losing jae crowder was their only loss, they gained much more.
i think lakers lost a lot in nance, but i know they were clearing cap room.

spursfan9 02-08-18 08:54 PM

any updates on murray? is he out for significant time? ankle

pop to tony: ummm, yeah, so would u come back to the starting lineup... lol

MRJONESIII 02-08-18 10:31 PM

Need some bug spray! Who's going to get bit by the injury bug next? Geeez!

alh1020 02-08-18 11:42 PM

Let's flip a coin, shall we?

MRJONESIII 02-10-18 08:28 AM

Cleveland might be dysfunctional, but at least they're not resting on their laurels. Are the Spurs keeping Kawhi happy with the current line up?

alh1020 02-10-18 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by MRJONESIII (Post 1327856)
Cleveland might be dysfunctional, but at least they're not resting on their laurels. Are the Spurs keeping Kawhi happy with the current line up?

My only answer to that would be that I have hopes both RC and Pop have a game plan in mind when the whistle blows for free agency and they have their sights set on pursuing a max player and a few 'good' support guys. I just hope their luck is better than last summer and that they spend their funds wisely.

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parkfan 02-10-18 11:01 AM

they do not have any money to pursue anyone this year. They messed that up but mills and Pau signing.

MRJONESIII 02-10-18 11:43 AM

It's a dangerous game in which Kawhi is part of. Injury and not being able to participate. Or team holding you out. Team not trying to keep up with other teams powering up their line ups whilst you sit on your hands. Other good free agents not wanting to come to San Antonio...and why? Kawhi being so Kawuite is alarming cause he could just be stewing with anger and not communicating with anyone.

Big payday or not, he could leave to a more desirable destination and play the LeBron game. Tough decisions if he doesn't get back soon and get deep into the playoffs.

alh1020 02-10-18 12:33 PM

Yup, sitting on that bench is dangerous. It gives a player, especially a very good player, time to THINK. There are voices, either in front of him or in his head, giving advice and offering 'what if' questions. Yeah, this summer is going to be very, very interesting for the Spurs future.

MRJONESIII 02-10-18 02:31 PM

Will they extend him to the max knowing his injury history? Or press their luck and see if he'll sign once he's a restricted free agent in 2019? I just want him back on the court to save face from this year.

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