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choppsboy 02-08-18 09:55 AM

Trade rumor for Avery Bradley
Not sure what we would give up, but this is a guy I would give up Patty Mills for.


choppsboy 02-08-18 10:24 AM

Looks like it is Danny Green and a 1st round pick


alh1020 02-08-18 11:33 AM

Danny Green AND a 1st round pick?????? Bradley is good but I don't think he's THAT good. Pop and RC really caved on this one, IMHO, that is. I wouldn't give any LA team squat.

cgar37 02-08-18 11:36 AM

Mills all day, Green no way

polk 02-08-18 11:46 AM

Good Lord SA!!! Please say it ain’t so. Haven’t looked at numbers but Danny Green by himself ought to get you Avery Damn Bradley. No need to sweeten the deal with a pick... let alone a 1st rounder. For that price I’d rather they look at adding another player to the deal and go after Rodney Hood.

montgod 02-08-18 02:58 PM

I would do it but hate to give up a 1st for him when he has to be re-signed at the end of the year.

Avery Bradley vs. Danny Green Comparison

mckennaspur1 02-08-18 06:54 PM

Can't see giving up a tall, athletic defender who can go off from behind the arc for yet another undersized guard. Add in the demand for a first round pick, and the Spurs should hang up the phone on this conversation.

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