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alh1020 02-04-18 12:36 AM

What the hey..........over?!?
I know we’re without our best player in Kawhi Leonard and losing Rudy Gay to his heel injury didn’t help much either. But we were doing quite well with them gone, getting wins, had a fantastic home record and positioned ourselves as third in the Western conference. But it seems after we lost to the Pacers on the AT&T Center home court, we’ve been sliding every since. We may have thought that with a 5 game home stand, we’d improve on that record and hit the rodeo road trip schedule with good momentum. However, we got blown out by the Sixers and have lost 2 consecutive home games to the Rockets and now Utah, what the hey?!? I think Pop is going to get our guys in the gym these next 3 days off and have a real heart-to-heart before embarking on the 6 game rodeo road trip starting with Phoenix Wednesday. I think we'll be able to hear Pop's voice tomorrow morning in the practice gym at least 3-4 blocks away

MRJONESIII 02-04-18 06:30 AM

I think there needs to be a trade or some sort to shake things up. They need a spark...where they're going to get it...I don't know.

spursfan9 02-05-18 12:19 AM

kawhi won't play this season, will prob demand trade in offseason to a team w perceived better medical staff.
given the one year of injury and uncertainty, trade value will likely be lower than his true value.
aldridge playing great but getting older and wont be carrying a team of rugrats into the finals.
should be interesting depending on how true rumors are about how pissed kawhi is at spurs medical staff incompetence, again 'perceived' incompetence.
ginobili and parker bench players playing for losers, will they want to continue or hang it up.
lotta IFs.
it is exciting to see young players and see what my develop i guess. i used to be funner back in TD days tho, when we could watch them during garbage time after TD already locked in the win :)

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