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alh1020 01-30-18 08:50 AM

Blake Griffin traded to the Pistons
Looks like the trading season has begun.

Link to article: The Clippers, Pistons finalize trade to send Griffin to Detroit ProBasketballTalk

alh1020 01-30-18 08:54 AM

Here's a little tidbit to consider:

Clippers still open to trading Lou Williams, DeAndre Jordan

Link to article: Report: Clippers still open to trading Lou Williams, DeAndre Jordan ProBasketballTalk

spurduncan21 01-30-18 04:30 PM

Clippers had so much potential a few years ago. Sad to see how they have been held for ransom by their coach and former GM Doc Rivers.

alh1020 01-30-18 05:24 PM

Sad for the Clipper fans, then again, there's always the Lakers. Personally, if the Clippers trade away Jordan and Williams, do they really expect to be in the "Lebron James" sweepstakes next summer? I don't think LBJ wants to carry the load with his next team vs play for a good coach and players who go for the 'team' concept.

MRJONESIII 01-30-18 07:35 PM

LeBron has already said he's not considering the Clippers. But I bet if Steve Balmer gave him the power to choose his line up...he'd be there lickity split! Plus I think it's Austin Rivers who's at the middle of this along with Daddy Doc. But a team with no winning culture has got to be a hard sell for LeBron. It's either Cleveland, Houston the Lakers or the Spurs. But the Spurs would have to be discounted as would be the Rockets.

jtownsfine5t 01-31-18 09:20 PM

Prior to acquiring Blake...

Detroit looked into Danny Green, Jordan Clarkson, Tyreke Evans, Rodney Hood and Courtney Lee, according to league sources.

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