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MRJONESIII 01-25-18 07:05 PM

Stop whining!
Every year guys get snubbed from the All Star game and every year people complain. Some guys think they should make it even though they've been injured a lot of the season (Chris Paul)...Not! Paul George...top 2 at his position...LMAO! Maybe 4th with a health Kawhi and The Greek Freak before him.

Poor Lillard will never get picked unless his team is #1 in the league. Too many people are so far up Curry and usually CP3's bung, he'll never get chosen. Plus Westbrook is a beast and should be starting. But you complain, ***** and throw shots at each other...make millions playing the greatest sport in the world. Don't have to play in the elements like every sport except hockey.

Don't have the worry of brain damage life football players, the boredom and extremely long season of baseball (until playoffs). Hell...at least in sports, you don't even have to win titles to keep your job. Make millions to basically lose every year. Only one team can win.

How bout the Starters vs the Reserves, 16 minute quarters. 20-26 total players. Longer game more participants. But please just cash you're enormous checks and be happy you're not working somewhere you don't want to be, but have to be just to support your family.

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