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MRJONESIII 01-25-18 12:55 PM

Kawhi for who?
Worse case scenario if he's not going to sign next season. You never get equal value especially with a mysterious injury. Cousins, Ben Simmons, The Greek Freak? The Cavs...Thomas or Love plus that #1 pick. Or will it be a rebuild around Aldridge. Like Kevin McHale said...there are a bunch of no name guys out there he doesn't know.

Maybe Kawhi sees the same thing. All these contenders picking up household names, guys bypassing San Antonio...the greatest franchise in sports. What's freaking to say he comes home to the Lakers and gets his Super Max contract. Lakers can sign 2 max guys so it's a dangerous situation right now for the Spurs...IF Leonard doesn't want to be there.

With LeBron not saying anything about his free agency and now Paul George probably staying in OKC. L.A.will go hard after Leonard and a guy like Cousins. Cause LeBron and George were going to be the biggest free agents with Cousins. Kawhi would vault to #1 or 2 until LeBron makes his decision. Hell, I'd take LeBron if he'd help bring more talent!

choppsboy 01-27-18 10:00 AM

You guys are smoking crack to believe this media hyped KL BS. Kawhi isn't going anywhere through trade or free agency.

MRJONESIII 01-27-18 01:29 PM

Yeah, I know. It was just a question on who in the heck would replace him with without destroying the team and keeping them relevant. You never get equal value back...never. He's due a $201 million contract next season. Will he sign, leave or take a cut to try and bring another superstar in? Boy it's going to be hectic this off-season.

mckennaspur1 01-27-18 01:39 PM

Among the names mentioned, fair value (in terms of talent, not necessarily salary cap considerations) would be The Greek Freak and Ben Simmons. Anthony Davis or Karl Anthony Towns would be fair. Nobody likes playing with Boogie. Love is a stat compiler on bad teams, and Thomas may never recover from that hip injury (without his speed, he's an undersized G-Leaguer).

Gotta believe that the Kawhi situation is being wildly overblown to fill TV air time.

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