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spursfan9 01-22-18 11:44 AM

Murray starter. Parker Benched. spurs cont to lose to indiana.
Tony Parker Says He's No Longer Spurs' Starting PG; Benched for Dejounte Murray | Bleacher Report

looks like parker is riding the pine. he admits to hitting the wall.
funny thing is I don't even see murray being the next best guard on the team. bryn forbes has shown more. so I'm assuming murray has some some spectacular thjings in practice that they think will eventually translate on court.

MRJONESIII 01-22-18 01:04 PM

As constructed now...this team is mediocre. 4th, 5th seed...unless Kawhi returns, there's a possible first round exit. I think it's time to make a trade or two and pull in some more help.

Hell...the whiney ass LeBron & Cavs are begging for more help. So if the Spurs aren't realistically competing for a title...changes need to be made...and Murray starting over Parker isn't striking fear into anyone. Ride or Die, but I think the latter is coming.

clovisnmspurfan 01-22-18 03:00 PM

Forbes is better on offense, Murray on Defense. Both are very young. Give them a chance.

spursfan9 01-22-18 03:50 PM

the problem is, kawhi's injury does not appear to be healing. and now he is pissed w spurs staff

mckennaspur1 01-23-18 02:07 AM

I'd give up Forbes in a minute if doing so would return some value for the future. Kid is all-heart with a silky stroke. But he can't keep anyone in front of him and his "catch up" fouls are a problem.

I'd keep DJ if possible. He has some terrible habits (that high dribble...!) and he still can't see the whole floor in front of him. But he's freakishly athletic and can learn to shoot a J.

Wonder what the Spurs could get back for a Forbes-Patty package?

MRJONESIII 01-23-18 10:08 AM

Don't have the assets to get him, but Kemba Walker would fit nice with Kawhi-Aldridge. Pick & Pop point guard/forward combo.

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