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alh1020 01-17-18 03:10 PM

Kawhi Leonard Out Indefinitely
Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard will be sidelined for an “indefinite period of time,” the club announced today (Twitter link). According to the team’s announcement, Leonard is still battling right quadriceps tendinopathy and will focus on rehabbing that injury.

In a statement, Spurs GM R.C. Buford said that Leonard “continues to move forward in his rehabilitation.” Meanwhile, head coach Gregg Popovich tells Jeff McDonald of The San Antonio Express-News that the injury “hasn’t responded the way we wanted it to.”

“He’s given it a shot,” Popovich said of his star player. “He’s frustrated as hell. He wants to play badly. But if we’re going to err, we’re going to do it on the side of health and being wise.”

After sitting out for nearly two months to start the season due to his quad injury, Leonard returned to action on December 12. He has missed several games since then though, never playing with less than two days rest. Even when he has been on the floor, the 26-year-old hasn’t been his usual dominant self — his .468 FG% and .314 3PT% are career lows, albeit in a small sample (nine games).

With Leonard out, Kyle Anderson will continue to see the majority of the minutes at the three for San Antonio. Rudy Gay will also help fortify the Spurs’ forward rotation once he gets healthy, while Danny Green and Manu Ginobili could also play small forward in certain lineups. However, according to McDonald, Gay is still a couple weeks away from returning and Ginobili is expected to miss the Spurs’ next two games with a thigh contusion.

Link to article: https://www.hoopsrumors.com/2018/01/...efinitely.html

alh1020 01-17-18 03:14 PM

Going into the second half of the season and approaching the home stretch toward the playoffs with a cast of walking wounded is not something I look forward to. But we've done it most of the 1st half season, we'll just have to continue on and everybody will have to step up their game. What a belly drop.

spursfan9 01-18-18 12:07 AM

only question now is... is kawhi more similar to grant hill or penny hardaway?

i think hill? thoughts

:( sucks

alh1020 02-18-18 10:16 AM

Here's a Tom Orsborn tweet about a question posed to Alridge at the ASG on Kawhi that I thought was a kind of strange response:

Tom Orsborn: Asked LA if he’s confident Kawhi will be back after the break: “Uh, I don’t know. I don’t have anything to say.”
15 hours ago – via Twitter tom_orsborn

spursfan9 02-18-18 09:54 PM

he doesn’t want him to come back and take his shots.
Alldredge will become a useless role player again if he comes back healthy. So he probably doesn’t care

parkfan 02-21-18 07:42 PM

Pop not would be surprised if Kawhi comes back this year.

polk 02-21-18 07:49 PM


Originally Posted by parkfan (Post 1327899)
Pop not would be surprised if Kawhi comes back this year.

Correction: Story is Pop WOULD be surprised if Kawhi returns this year.

parkfan 02-21-18 08:37 PM

You are correct dont know why I got the not in there.

polk 02-21-18 09:21 PM

According to ESPN’s Woj, Kawhi has been medically cleared to play and is electing not to return!! And the story only gets more juicy!! Stay tuned because the off-season could be interesting.

spursfan9 02-21-18 09:39 PM

late in the season or not, doesn't make sense what pop said, its so late in the season theres "no point in bringing him back" if its late. theres plenty of point. plenty of reason to have him pllay.

woj report is interesting. wrinkle. ugh.

spursfan9 02-21-18 09:42 PM

Kawhi Leonard of San Antonio Spurs elects against returning to active roster

just saw the article.
sounds like kawhi has fibromyalgia. he is cleared but cont to think he is pain.

MRJONESIII 02-21-18 10:33 PM


parkfan 02-21-18 10:54 PM

I think the spurs should not offer the super max because of this.

alh1020 02-22-18 01:15 AM

Does anybody know whether the Spurs can get anything out of this, possibly a medical exception or something? Like Polk said, this summer will be interesting as to what the Spurs do.

MRJONESIII 02-22-18 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by alh1020 (Post 1327909)
Does anybody know whether the Spurs can get anything out of this, possibly a medical exception or something? Like Polk said, this summer will be interesting as to what the Spurs do.

Doubt it cause he was medically cleared. He's chosen not to play. His uncle in probably in his ear since it sounds like he's taken over the PR and negotiations for him. At the same time, probably hurting Kawhi in the process. Maybe even as far as manipulation?

choppsboy 02-22-18 01:28 PM

This sounds eerily like how Derrick Rose's injury and recovery went after his MVP season.

alh1020 02-22-18 03:30 PM

Could he even be a little gun-shy after seeing Gay, Manu and Parker also go down with injuries? If he actually goes through with this, sitting out the rest of the season, there are some who might think he could have developed some psych issues from sitting on the bench so long, maybe hearing and listening to the voices in his head (actually, that's just me thinking that, right now that is....). To top that, since we don't know the present relationship between Kawhi and the Spurs FO, mainly because the local media has done such a stellar job reporting this whole situation as it is happening (sarcasm), his trade value could go down should a scenario pan out this summer and the Spurs take that route. I'm just saying.............

spursfan9 02-22-18 07:37 PM

best case scenario, we get klay thompson for kawhi whoe goes join golden state along with lebron.

worst case, kawhi goes to la lakers and we get back lonzo ball and all his dads ridiculous drama, kawhi join lebron in laker land

parkfan 02-22-18 07:44 PM

I may be in the minority but I would not give Kawhi the super max if he does not play this year. Even if he comes back towards then end I would be reluctant. If Spurs had reason to believe he was doing this and wanted out before the trade deadline and did nothing then that is a horrible job of managing the team. This summer I would also look to the lakers and see if they would do a kawhi for Ingram, 1st rd and either kuzma or Randle. I dont know if they can trade their pick this year though.

choppsboy 02-23-18 10:27 AM

You guys are nuts. It is too early to be speculating on trades, and if all we would get are what you folks have mentioned, we are doomed.

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