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spursfan9 01-07-18 08:46 PM

Kawhi Leonard is dealing with a partial tear in shoulder

turns out our great one is unfortunately extremely injury prone.



San Antonio Spurs superstar Kawhi Leonard has a partial tear in his left shoulder, coach Gregg Popovich told reporters Sunday, according to San Antonio Express-News' Tom Orsborn.

The ailment was initially listed as a "left shoulder strain" on the team's injury report for Sunday's game against Portland. Popovich said Leonard was hurt during Friday night's game against the Suns.

"It’s too bad," Popovich added. "He was starting to get back into form a little bit after playing a couple of games."

The full scope of Leonard's recovery timeline is currently unclear, though the Spurs are reportedly hopeful he can play as early as Thursday against the Lakers, per ESPN's Michael C. Wright.

The perennial MVP candidate's 2017-18 campaign has been marred by injuries to date. Leonard only made his season debut on Dec. 12 after recovering from an offseason quad injury, which was unrelated to the lingering ankle injuries that ultimately ended his 2016-17 season in the third round of the playoffs.

Leonard had shown signs of his old self to start January, recording back-to-back 20-plus-point outings in wins over the Knicks and Suns. In eight appearances this season overall, the 26-year-old has averaged 15.9 points, 4.3 rebounds, 2.1 assists, and 1.8 steals per game.

MRJONESIII 01-08-18 11:59 AM

I think it's panic time for this team. Might need to pull the trigger on a trade or two. All three small forwards dealing with injuries. Our two best defenders dealing with injuries. Our two old wiley veterans are always on the bubble and Aldridge who won't be able to carry this team far into the playoffs as he's already shown if these injuries persist. The 50 game win streak I think is in jeopardy this year and a possible first round exit. Something doesn't feel right this year...it is it just an overreaction?

spursfan9 01-08-18 12:10 PM

at current rate they will finish 53-54 wins so i dont think the 50 game streak is an issue, but dont really care about that.
worried that leonard will be a grant hill or tmac, injury riddled star with oh the 'potential'
IF leonard can play, aldridge will prob be tired by postseason. and evne if he's not, theres no chemistry w leonard in the system.
hope all is well, and he comes back after all-star break healthy and strong. that should be enough time to mesh, IF everyone stays healty after allstar break. theres still a chance to have some post-season fun. i mean, does it matter? warriors are gonna win and play the celtics or cavs. but still. having a strong postseason will be fun to watch.

clovisnmspurfan 01-08-18 08:14 PM

For all you fair weather fans maybe it's time to jump ship, for me I will go all the way.

MRJONESIII 01-09-18 01:14 PM

31 years as a fan now...and I can only remember the year Robinson was injured that felt worse. Duncan with his knee and plantar fasciitis. It's been chronic for the last couple years. Tony, Kawhi...now Gay, Anderson, Green and now Tony and Kawhi again. They've a good job so far. Couldn't imagine if and who they would of traded Aldridge for and where they'd be now. Nothing less than full strength to get past the Rockets and especially the Warriors.

Does anyone know if that shoulder injury will keep him out for a extend amount of time?

Rzarector7 01-12-18 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by clovisnmspurfan (Post 1327728)
For all you fair weather fans maybe it's time to jump ship, for me I will go all the way.

<!-- END TEMPLATE: newpost_quote -->Saying he gets hurt a lot or they might be in trouble does not make you fair weather fan its reality at this point in time. I too hope he is not a what if guy like Penny or Grant Hill, the route he is going seems to be pointed in that direction though as far as missing time goes. He has played 404 of a possible 575 games so far in his career, he misses a lot of games with injuries. I hope he pulls out of this one fast though.

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