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esparzar1 06-04-14 09:41 AM

X factor for the Finals?
Who will be the x-factor for the Spurs in Finals?

Personally, I'm going with Danny Green. We all know the Spurs thrive on their deep bench and different players stepping up on different nights. But I say DG because if you look at what he did the first 4 or 5 games for the Spurs (in the finals last year) it was clear that he was the x-factor. He played horrible in game 6-7. Also, seems like this year's PO's whenever DG has been on, the Spurs seem to win. Just my initial thoughts and observations. :thumb

So I ask you, who will be the Spurs x-factor?


TimmyDthaWay2B 06-04-14 09:59 AM


RealMadrid12 06-04-14 10:27 AM

I agree, Kawhi can be the X factor, but Danny Green if he is "plug" to play good defense then he can be a factor offensively. if he is looking for his shot only, he gets disconnected from the game plan. he can be a bit selfish. he is a really casual (bad) passer and loses concentration quickly. so yes, DG is the X factor I beleive

necron 99 06-04-14 10:41 AM

I've said it before and I'll say it again.... if Manu was playing last year like he is this year, we would have won easily. He is the X-factor.

clovisnmspurfan 06-04-14 11:10 AM


Guille 06-04-14 11:17 AM

I say Big 3 and Kawhi are no longer X Factor possible. They are the ones expected to perform at high level.
IŽd go with Danny Green / Marco Belinelli / Patty Mills. AKA if our threes are falling or not.

And of course...

MAMBA :rockon

shelden 06-04-14 02:19 PM

What? No love for Boris Diaw?

Money4Nothing 06-04-14 02:48 PM

There's no such thing as an "X factor". There are just factors.


spursfan9 06-04-14 04:56 PM

yea, no real x-factor.
everyone is gonna have to bring their gonads and play nuts.

kawhi leonard's offensive attack has got to continue in addition to his defense.

leonard and green are gonna have to be ready to play big minutes and be out there whenever wade and bron are both onthe floor.

mills. diaw. splitter.
big three.

last year ginobili was a goose egg and all i remember is turnover after turnover...

everyone is x-factoring it.
hopefully diaw can keep being as aggressive as he is. i cant stand it when he passes up wide open threes.

spur4ever 06-05-14 01:03 AM

Diaw baby!!! I think Diaw's attitude has changed for the better since last series and hes definately bringing it again. Hes gonna be huge for us i think. oh and i dont like that X-factor phrase. Its way too overused. Even people that think they know basketball are using it nowadays. Go Spurs Go!!!

Kager 06-05-14 02:51 AM

I'm for Bo Bo as well, he will probably be called on to guard Bosh so that Timmay can stay closer to the ring, and then shooting and other scoring he has been doing to stretch the floor.

alh1020 06-05-14 06:14 AM

I'm thinking it's between Kawhi and Boris. Kawhi has triggered a lot of Spurs rallies during these playoffs with his timely steals and rebounds while Boris' tenacious defense on the bigs stands out. If he can neutralize Andersen and maybe Bosh and Kawhi can slow down James and the rest of the team stay in front of their opponents, we might just come out of this with #5.

MRJONESIII 06-05-14 08:23 AM


grizzly_bexar 06-05-14 08:26 AM

I say Patty Mills. With us having HCA, him playing better at home in the playoffs, so much defensive attention being focused elsewhere, Miami defenders being more his "style" than a beast like Russell Westbrook, and his ability to put up numbers quick, I think he will have an impact.

JuanCaca 06-05-14 08:44 AM

X FACTOR IS US FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Guille 06-05-14 09:46 AM

Bobo is on my mancrush radar for a long time now! I expect him to be a beast

clovisnmspurfan 06-05-14 09:59 AM


Originally Posted by MRJONESIII (Post 1313614)

By jove I think you have nailed it.

esparzar1 06-05-14 10:01 AM


Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar (Post 1313615)
I say Patty Mills. With us having HCA, him playing better at home in the playoffs, so much defensive attention being focused elsewhere, Miami defenders being more his "style" than a beast like Russell Westbrook, and his ability to put up numbers quick, I think he will have an impact.

Valid point! I hope patty can give us even a little bit of a punch off the bench. I also think Marco can come up big as well! The less athletic Heat should be helpful for those two mentioned. <!-- END TEMPLATE: newpost_quote -->

nbahoops21 06-05-14 10:48 AM

Manu and/or BoBo!!!

samurai32 06-05-14 01:19 PM

Tiago Splitter. If we can get 10+ from Tiago in the paint, we're golden.


Free throws. If we hit our free throws (see game 6 waning seconds) and limit theirs, we're in.

grizzly_bexar 06-05-14 03:47 PM

Tiago as an x-factor: if we can keep him on the court, we win. Simple as that. If he's on the court, it means Miami will be doing minimal scoring in the halfcourt and that we can move the ball against their defense despise having TD and Splitter down low.

Edit: not to say that if he's off the court, we lose. But if we are able to stay with our normal rotation, it means we are playing a game Miami has no chance of winning.

esparzar1 06-06-14 07:32 AM

Well Tiago at the end of the 3rd and DG in crunch time seemed to be the x-factors for game one. Who will step up for game 2? Stay tuned....

clovisnmspurfan 06-06-14 10:31 AM

X factor for game one was the heat (pun intended).

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