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tenthousandaces 04-28-14 09:08 PM

Look at the fire in the Mavs' eyes
And the blank look of the Spurs.

TimmyDthaWay2B 04-28-14 09:58 PM

granted there is a LONG time left in this game... looks like not even fire in the mavs eyes could save them in the first half.

Uwe Blab 04-28-14 10:43 PM

Looks like that was a bit premature.

tenthousandaces 04-28-14 10:45 PM

I hope you are right partner.

MRJONESIII 04-28-14 11:38 PM

They're just glad that they won't be hearing the fire from Popovichs' mouth! I was so upset with the last game I couldn't even watch one minute of the game! Just got my Spurs app notification.....THANK GOSH!! These guys are giving me my first grey hairs.....let's just get this one over with PLEEEAAAASSSEEEE!

spurduncan21 04-29-14 12:19 AM

Go spurs go!!! Glad that game 4 brings the series even. Let's go!!! I am sure this series will be exactly what we needed to improve and our defense on dirk may potentially help if we get to Aldridge. I like our chances against whomever. Let's go spurs :)

KAD 04-29-14 08:54 AM

Yes but let's get the next game at home first!

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