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Guapo 04-26-14 02:28 AM

Will Nocioni finally land in San Antonio?
Though Nocioni loves the European lifestyle for his family, which has three young children, he may revisit interest that several NBA teams showed in him last summer.

"Europe is a great, great place to play basketball," Nocioni said. "I came back here because I sat on the bench a lot in Philly and that was frustrating for me because all my life I have played. But my situation has changed a little bit. I don't need to play as many minutes. I'm too old. "So maybe I go to the NBA and try to enjoy a good organization and try to help young guys and the team to win games. I think about playing more like a veteran helping with fewer minutes and more experience. But I have no decision now. I'm not thinking long-term."

After Europe, Andres Nocioni ponders NBA comeback - chicagotribune.com

Uwe Blab 04-26-14 10:22 AM

I hope not. There's no reason for it. If he wants to teach, retire and coach.

WILLTHETHRILL 04-27-14 11:37 AM

I think that ship has sailed. Move forward. Get some younger guys with upside

Guille 04-27-14 12:32 PM

Chapu could be a great asset for a young rebuilding team whos going through the lottery and help there. Maybe Jazz, Bucks or something like that. Not in the Spurs though.

alh1020 04-28-14 12:44 AM

I think the Spurs might be waiting for the Ginobili boys to grow up since they have their best basketball years ahead of them and Andres has his behind him. As much as I really liked Nocioni in the past, Id say stay in Europe, save you and your family airfare to the States and eliminate the embarrassment of having to sit at the end of any bench in the NBA as a player. I agree with Guille above, hed probably be much better off trying to latch on as a coach somewhere if he wants to stay in basketball.

Guille 04-28-14 01:15 PM

I mean he could play for two more years as a locker room presence, and a role player in a rebuilding team. Not for us. Then he can go coach. Hes still 2 years younger than Manu.

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