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SilverSpur 04-26-14 12:56 AM

Now Westbrook is also blaming the media after being called out
Russell Westbrook said media are trying to pull him apart from his teammates by questioning the team's shot selection during the Oklahoma City Thunder's first-round series with the Memphis Grizzlies.

The Grizzlies took a 2-1 series lead Thursday after an overtime victory in which Westbrook had just two assists in 39 minutes. Kevin Durant had three in 50 minutes, and the two had a second consecutive off shooting night, combining to go 17-of-53 after going a combined 23-of-56 in a Game 2 overtime loss.

"I feel like [the media] tries to pull us apart," Westbrook said Friday. "When nobody is getting their shots, you all try to find a reason in between all of us. You try to find whose fault it is. One person didn't lose, we all lost."

Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City Thunder defends team's shot selection in series - ESPN

Mombear 04-26-14 09:32 AM

they should stop listening to the media... :lol

Uwe Blab 04-26-14 10:26 AM

He is kind of a scapegoat. Reality is that the Grizzlies can't possibly keep winning like this.

clovisnmspurfan 04-26-14 09:54 PM

That is how OKC rolls, very few assists. They have the same record as we do. 1-2 against #7 & #8.

alh1020 04-27-14 12:01 AM

If we get by Dallas this first round, it might behove the Spurs FO to study the Memphis/OKC series, game for game. It seems the Griz have found a formula to hold the Thunder in check and with a little bit of luck, could have swept that series 4-0 instead of it being 2-2.

JuanCaca 04-27-14 01:05 AM

grizzlies blew up a golden chance to win today... up 5 points with 40 seconds remaining... is not likely durant gonna end with 11 points again (not counting OT)...

it appears they lose series today....

btw the OKC monster had another head, capable of take over a game it seems ( Reggie Jackson)

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