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Flipmode Master 04-17-14 08:30 PM

The San Antonio Spurs will have home court advantage throughout the entire playoffs this year. The team ended the regular season on an absolute tear, but with recent losses to the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder it raises the legitimate question on whether the Spurs have what it takes. The team seems to still have trouble with teams with athletic front lines.

Will the Spurs Win it All?

clovisnmspurfan 04-18-14 03:18 PM

Spurs have as good a chance as anyone. Neither game had our full strength playing versus their starters for long minutes.

mckennaspur1 04-19-14 06:01 PM

Getting out of the West will be a beast.

clovisnmspurfan 04-19-14 09:59 PM


Originally Posted by mckennaspur1 (Post 1311232)
Getting out of the West will be a beast.

You got that right, I still like our chances.

Money4Nothing 04-20-14 07:19 AM

We'll likely have to beat Houston and OKC back to back in playoff series to get back to the finals. I have no idea if we can pull that off. Durant is a monster this year, I kind of have the feeling it's his year for the title. Hope the Spurs can pull out a great playoff run.


KAD 04-20-14 08:21 AM

Spurs current focus needs to be Dallas. It seems liek they have problems with the ball handling inside with the physical teams - specially OKC who really beat them up inside the lane.

mckennaspur1 04-20-14 12:10 PM

I'm very concerned about the reverential treatment OKC is already getting from the refs. Even up, Spurs OKC would be a great series. With the refs working for the Thunder, it could be a bad beat.

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