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Eddy from Austin 04-15-14 05:00 PM

San Antonio Spurs Selfie

Spurd_On 04-15-14 05:39 PM

Nice! How did you get that shot? Were you handing out free food or did you take it through a 2-way mirror?

choppsboy 04-15-14 05:49 PM

for such a tall player, Matt Bonner's head is really small.

Mombear 04-15-14 06:26 PM

looks like Diaw took the selfie. :laugh

polk 04-15-14 07:44 PM

Tiago....No where to be found as usual.

Eddy from Austin 04-15-14 07:57 PM

Ayres, Tiago and Damion James are missing.

RealMadrid12 04-15-14 08:31 PM

this is awesome! shows team spirit, they look fresh, happy and know they are the best damn team in basketball, now we just need to make it official, DRIVE FOR FIVE!!

Eddy from Austin 04-15-14 09:45 PM

Pop was not too happy having to be on this selfie.

necron 99 04-17-14 10:02 AM

ummm, I could be wrong but shouldn't a selfie be of ONE person? What we are looking at is a groupie.

Mombear 04-17-14 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by Eddy from Austin (Post 1311058)
Pop was not too happy having to be on this selfie.

:laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh

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