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alh1020 03-20-14 10:57 AM

Jalen Rose survives his first Gregg Popovich interview
<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/pcEHTd7qZas?feature=player_embedded" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

On Wednesday, the second half of ESPNís doubleheader featured the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs. And anytime the Spurs play on national TV, that only means one thing: a Gregg Popovich sideline interview is happening.

For this game, NBA Countdown analysts Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons joined Mike Tirico in the booth, and Rose was the one tasked with interviewing Popovich.

Rose nailed it, even squeezing in a joke about Avery Johnson, a player Popovich coached in San Antonio and a colleague of Roseís at ESPN.

Link to article: Jalen Rose survives his first Gregg Popovich interview | For The Win

Mombear 03-20-14 09:53 PM

:lol first time seeing this. :) Thanks for posting it.

b1gdon 03-20-14 11:19 PM

You just got Pop'd.

Mombear 03-21-14 12:35 AM


Originally Posted by b1gdon (Post 1309648)
You just got Pop'd.


KAD 03-21-14 10:05 AM

Great Stuff!

Money4Nothing 03-21-14 10:59 AM

Finally Jalen Rose gets it....don't ask Pop a question. Just ask him to talk about a topic.

I'm waiting for someone to play on the joke and ask Pop:

"Hey coach, if you could describe that quarter in one word, what would it be?"

One day someone will have the balls to ask that.


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