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Racspur 03-13-14 08:59 AM

The physics of flopping:
SMU researcher studies mechanics of NBA fakery

Was it a flop or not?
Last summer, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban gave Southern Methodist University more than $100,000 to try to answer that question scientifically. On Thursday, SMU biomechanics expert Peter Weyand demonstrated the early stages of his flopping research to a small group of journalists....

choppsboy 03-13-14 09:37 AM

The only flopping I have a problem with is when there was actually no foul committed (like when LeBron does it).

I have no problem with a flow to highlight a foul that was committed (like when Manu does it).

If you set up to take a charge, and just absorb the contact and don't fall to the ground, it will either go unnoticed, or it will be called a block rather than a charge.

Money4Nothing 03-15-14 04:14 PM

Oh puh-leez, Manu flops with the best of them.


b1gdon 03-16-14 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by Money4Nothing (Post 1309434)
Oh puh-leez, Manu flops with the best of them.


You should say flopped, because he doesn't really flop about anymore. I can say from personal experience that at his advance age it hurts to much to fall on the ground.

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