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b1gdon 03-09-14 05:45 PM

San Antonio Spurs take sole possession of 1st in NBA
Just wanted to throw this marker down in anticipation of media punditocracy ranking Spurs 4th or worse in power rankings this Monday. I know, I know, power rankings don't mean anything, but still, I wouldn't be a Spurs fan if I didn't find the slightest insult in all the ways that the mass media constantly disrespects this team.

Mombear 03-09-14 06:46 PM


:banana :banana


Kager 03-09-14 07:16 PM

Out of the three Pacers Heat and OKC the Pacers are the one I get least chills about Game 7 on the road with.... not saying easy just with last year and OKC going crazy Pacers are lesser evil.

Kager 03-09-14 10:00 PM

Check that last one and thread title..... Now Spurs are number 1 in the NBA.....

This may change but still with all the injuries we have had and the wrong team according to some it is worth acknowledging.

Spurd_On 03-10-14 12:05 AM

All Power Rankings are based on what I consider to be 8th grade linear math or less. I challenged (or questioned the author) once on his data sets used to make his determinations and never received a reply. I can't believe the guy actually gets paid by the NBA to post them.

The "Last 10" is a pretty good indicator of momentum however momentum can change in a heartbeat. Don't be blinded by who is currently on top. There are other teams in the west that have outstanding momentum right now against top opponents. Momentum is likely to swing all over the place over the next 19 or 20 games. Who has it at the end of the regular season stands a good chance in the Western Conference Play offs. Even Pop has stated so.

Kevin Durant's TEAM lost tonight yet KEVIN DURANT gets all of the headlines for a triple double.

Uwe Blab 03-10-14 12:26 AM

Well, this is actual standings. The Spurs need everything to go their way to make it to the Finals. And HCA is something that would help tremendously.

Spurd_On 03-10-14 11:23 AM

When the Spurs went on a west coast swing with 4 major rotation players out, the Power Rankings guy labeled the Spurs as having the easiest week in the NBA. That's when I began to question whether or not he really thinks these rankings out or simply throws out anything.

ThomasamohT 03-11-14 01:55 AM

Marc Stein's power rankings are for entertainment purposes only. They reflect one man's opinion of how each team is performing relative to each other. They are not a prediction of who will win the championship, finish with the best record or anything else.

This season Stein has ranked the Spurs #1 twice and never lower than 9th. That to me doesn't signify disrespect, it's an indication of how much he respects our Spurs. Let's be honest; our Spurs haven't been perfect this year. They've had some serious injury issues and have had problems with the top teams. That to me doesn't warrant much better than what they've been given.

KAD 03-13-14 10:17 AM

Marc Stein's a homer on Dallas and automatically make shim an Anti-Spur...don't waste time reading the committee of One's posts

TimmyDthaWay2B 03-13-14 11:46 AM

Am I the only one that thinks Parker looks really worn down and tired by about the third quarter of every game? I wish the spurs would just give him two more weeks of rest or something...

Uwe Blab 03-13-14 03:30 PM

I think he would have rested against Portland if he hadn't had the 4th quarter off against the Bulls. There's no back to backs in the playoffs. Hopefully they can get a little cushion in the standings so maybe they can shelve him the last couple of games in the season.

b1gdon 03-18-14 12:28 AM

Spurs also take possession of the longest win streak in the NBA.

KAD 03-18-14 09:52 AM

yeah I like that and they should keep that going for a few more games - hopefully past tomorrow's Lakers!

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