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rooster 02-15-14 08:16 PM

Spurs Future Big Man
https://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt...i%20basketball Does Sean Elliott know something about the spurs future?

rooster 02-15-14 08:26 PM

There is a link in here where Sean interviews Jordan Bachynski.

rooster 02-15-14 08:32 PM


Mombear 02-15-14 10:51 PM

aww Sean... working undercover for CIA POP... :drummer

JuanCaca 02-16-14 06:38 PM

awww i tought this was about a triki kid... lol

more about «Wolverine and his brother batman»7-foot brothers Jordan and Dallin Bachynski face off in ASU-Utah

JuanCaca 02-16-14 06:45 PM

nah seriously... can a talented young player like him declare himself not elegible for draft... an then be signed «undrafted» by team that he likes?

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