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Guapo 02-14-14 07:03 PM

Boozer will NOT be traded to Spurs
Death, taxes, and the Chicago Bulls using the amnesty provision to cut ties with Carlos Boozer this summer. All of them are about as certain as things come in life, though on the TNT broadcast of the Bulls/Nets game Thursday night, Craig Sager dropped a little bombshell that has since shaken Bulls fans to their cores: Chicago might not amnesty Boozer this summer after all. “After Luol Deng was traded to Cleveland earlier this year, Boozer began to wonder about his own future with the team,” Sager explained. “He told me tonight that he has been assured that he will not be traded by next week’s deadline, nor will the team buy out the final of his contract this summer unless they can land a superstar which is too good to pass up.”

NBA PM: Bulls Might Not Amnesty Boozer | Basketball Insiders | NBA Rumors And Basketball News

HeloteSpurs 02-14-14 11:31 PM

Who cares about Boozer, if it's a player from the Bulls I want Gibson!

Rzarector7 02-15-14 12:52 AM

No crap, anyone who thought he or whoever would be traded to the Spurs was wasting their time. I agree with the poster above too, who cares? I want Gibson as well, but he won't be traded here as well.

Now onto the Spurs are interested in crap for the next month.

JuanCaca 02-15-14 09:13 AM

water s wet, sky is blue and spurs ddnt do blockbuster trades... next. ;)

Mombear 02-15-14 01:57 PM


clovisnmspurfan 02-17-14 03:58 PM

Gibson, maybe, Boozer, Meh.

choppsboy 02-17-14 04:07 PM


Guapo 02-18-14 12:44 PM

Spurs have been actively scouting the Knicks. Who might be their target for a trade if one were to go down?

choppsboy 02-18-14 01:59 PM

Beno Udrih . . . . based on other info on this board, and the latest "Tony Parker out for the foreseeable future" post.

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