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Guapo 01-19-14 01:46 AM

Udoka the next to leave Spurs for head coaching job?
Udoka has the potential to be an NBA head coach, Forcier believes. "He has the ambition to do that and the qualifications, too," Forcier says. "He has a great demeanor, a great way of interacting with players that will be effective when he gets his opportunity." Popovich says Forcier has been offered prominent roles on other staffs. "He's had one to three offers each of the last two years to be on somebody's bench and be a No. 2 or 3 assistant, and he's opted not to do it," Popovich says. "He loves San Antonio." Portland Tribune - See more at:


rooster 01-19-14 12:40 PM

Udoka , just a few small words to you , Take the money and RUN!

clovisnmspurfan 01-19-14 03:14 PM

To see the greatness of Pop vs Jackson, think how many "disciples" of Jackson have gone on to be head coaches.

e_93gsx 01-20-14 08:43 PM

Just to play the devilís advocate how many of Pops disciples have gone on to actually be good coaches? Some have been ok others just suck but I canít think of anything that have truly been great.

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