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choppsboy 12-03-13 08:50 AM

Is Belinelli out playing Kawhi Leonard?
Is Belinelli out playing Kawhi Leonard? What do Spursreport experts think?

Belinelli's minutes have been increasing while Leonard's have been decreasing. Belinelli is showing great chemistry with Manu and the rest of the team especially on the offensive end. While Kahwi is playing great defense, when he gets the ball on offence it seems like everything stops.

In the last 3 games, Belinelli has played 26.3 minutes while Kahwi has played 24.6 minutes.


Uwe Blab 12-03-13 09:10 AM

Seemingly, but Bellineli is shooting lights out right now. He's also outplaying Danny Green and Manu. I also think it's because he and Manu out there together is a magical thing.

choppsboy 12-03-13 09:14 AM

I don't think he is outplaying Manu, but he is definitely outplaying Danny Boy.

Eddy from Austin 12-03-13 09:37 AM

Props to Marco but he is not outplaying Kawhi on the defensive end.

Flipmode Master 12-03-13 01:09 PM

Kawhi has an overall game...Marco is shooting threes well right now...but Kawhi's overall stats...rebounds and steal in particular put him in a whole different class than Marco...sorry. Also howncan you say Marco is outplaying Kawhi and turn around in the same thread and say he is not outplaying Manu???? #confused

Uwe Blab 12-03-13 01:16 PM


Originally Posted by choppsboy (Post 1306166)
I don't think he is outplaying Manu, but he is definitely outplaying Danny Boy.

Manu has hit some shots and had some great plays, but Marco is more consistent, at least right now.

clovisnmspurfan 12-03-13 01:18 PM

Just count our blessings and not worry about who is outplaying who. I know one thing, he is definitely an upgrade from Neal.

NemesysN4R 12-03-13 05:39 PM

Marco is outplaying Manu! Manu now plays more like a true point guard focusing more on setting up the offense and distributing the ball. In that sense, this is why Marco works well with Manu cuz he is one of Manu's weapons.Also, the fact that Marco is more consistent than Danny leads me to think it would be better to see Marco starting at shooting guard. As for Leonard, he is ok. When he isn't scoring he still plays great defense. I think everyone's game will very soon start to pick up; look at Tim.

RealMadrid12 12-03-13 07:42 PM

Marco is playing with more enthusiasm than danny green and leonard, but Leonard needs to be more involved offensively. we are going to need him, he needs to move around , cut and not just go automatically to the corner, he needs to demand the ball or when he has the ball do not give up it too easy , make a play, I can see him getting frustrated with his role

alh1020 12-03-13 07:51 PM

I have noticed that Kawhi is at times reluctant to shoot, particularly when he hasn't hit a basket in a while. Pop sat him down for a lengthy period last night against Atlanta and he wasn't playing that badly, I felt. He contributes so much more than his offense with defense, rebounding and steals that I feel he should command more minutes than he is getting now. Then again, it being early in the season, maybe Pop and his staff have a different game plan for his players minutes and still testing different scenarios with his player combinations on the floor.However, does anybody know what Pop is thinking? Watching the postgame interviews with reporters and their questions, I think Pop just likes to play with peoples minds.

WILLTHETHRILL 12-04-13 02:57 PM

Kawhi needs to shoot more for sure.

Spurd_On 12-04-13 05:52 PM

Kawhi is in a funk right now and Marco is on a roll. A few times during the season it will likely be the other way around.

JuanCaca 12-04-13 06:19 PM

acording to BSPN, bellinelli is starting at SF against t-pups

gwilly101 12-04-13 09:26 PM

On offense yes, On defense no.

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