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InegoMontoya 12-03-13 08:24 AM

How lucky we have been...
Last night once again reaffirmed why Tim is my favorite big man to ever play. To play with the kind of consistency he has brought every year of his career is nothing short of unbelievable.
Treating fans to a showing like last night at his advanced age has to make many other teams in the NBA a little more worried.
Tim was taking it easy to start the season, the Spurs have been rolling and he hasn't been heavily relied upon. but last night when they team really needed his presence he answered the call. over and over again he answered the call.
I don't care when he hangs the up but when he does, the NBA will lose a truly legendary player...

alh1020 12-03-13 05:07 PM

I can’t argue with what you’re saying, TD is the best power forward to hit the floor and he is not someone you can replace. He possesses qualities you rarely find in a basketball player, the ability to score, rebound, pass, defend the lane, set screens, run the court, etc, he does it all. And to top that, he’s a coach’s dream and a team leader. And I’m afraid Atlanta, you have awaken a sleeping giant last night. Not only did he get a 20-20 game, he hit the last second game winner and, if I’m not mistaken, became the oldest NBA player to accomplish the feat of a 20-20 game. I was glad to be there at the AT&T Center to see it. People, you better watch Duncan while you can, unfortunately, he won’t be around for many more seasons.

Rzarector7 12-03-13 05:48 PM

We have been flat out spoiled to have this guy on our team.

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