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Flipmode Master 12-02-13 01:53 PM

Belinelli thriving in Spursí System
The Spurs have once again proven themselves to be experts at adding the right talent to their veteran squad.

Belinelli thriving in Spurs? System

alh1020 12-02-13 04:29 PM

I was one of those fans who wanted the Spurs to go after Andre Kirlenko but am I glad we snagged Marco instead. The basketball IQ he possesses, his quickness in learning the Spurs schema and his meshing with Manu off the bench makes it all worth it. Weíve only gone 17 games into the season, Iím fastening my seatbelt in anticipation for a wild ride the next 65 games and into the playoffs.

e_93gsx 12-02-13 10:25 PM

I don't get to see a lot of Spurs games I just mainly look at the box scores for the cold stats but Belineli seems to be averaging about 9pts per game . Nice but hardly anything to get excited about. His 50% field goal is impressive. What is making him a good addition?

spurscrazed 12-04-13 12:37 AM

Very Smart Move bringing this missing puzzle piece = MarcoB here.

MarcoB create Amazing Chemistry with Manu and the bench. He simply blends in very well!!!!
Chemistry is HUGE KEY! TEAM Chemistry is HUGE!!! It is a TEAM Thing + Sharing the ball!

Go RC & Front Office!

Let's hope MarcoB keep it up! :rock

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