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spurduncan21 11-25-13 05:27 PM

Derrick Williams Anyone ?!?!?!?!?
According to a recent report, Derrick Williams is on the trading block. That sounds great to me. I'd love to see him in a spurs uni. Think he would be a great backup and with the guidance of Pop, I'd think he'd be far more efficient than in previous years.

buck57 11-25-13 05:35 PM

Dirty player. Poor attitude, no thanks. I know Pops rep of turning players around but for the money he makes, we'd have to give up too much to make it work.

katyspursfan 11-25-13 05:38 PM

Splitter and Manu next month will make it work.

Get it done, Pop!


exit7 11-25-13 06:54 PM

It doesn't make sense to make changes to this team. 12-1, with the best record in the league? I like the chemistry, and the Belinelli signing looks genius.

chad1 11-25-13 06:54 PM

Looks like it's too late...

Report: Derrick Williams for Luc Richard Mbah a Moute trade in ?advanced discussions? | ProBasketballTalk

Rzarector7 11-26-13 02:12 AM

No and he won't be a Spurs player anytime soon....... NONE. Dead thread.

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