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Flipmode Master 11-22-13 10:08 PM

Splitter is Looking Good
Tiago Splitter is showing a sign of improvement on both ends of the floor so far this season.

Splitter is Looking Good

spurscrazed 11-22-13 10:53 PM

It is so cool to see My Main Man Splitter playing with such Conviction and Authority! His FOCUS and Determination are so appreciated and so much needed! Damn. Bout Time Splittaa. Waited so long for Dat to happen!!!
Awesome! Keep it up Splittaa. Way to Go!
Go Splittaaaaa!!!

spurscrazed 11-22-13 11:09 PM

Also DIAW gets my write up some days too! He had been playing GREAT so far this year... LOVE his game.


frenchfred 11-23-13 03:09 AM

On the other hand Tim is struggling with his offense and we all know that in the playoffs we'll rely more on Tim than Splitter. Anyway, good to see Splitter playing with more fire.

Spurd_On 11-23-13 08:16 AM

At the beginning of the season, I was disappointed. It didn't seem that Tiago had worked on his post game at all. Last night he put moves on both Gasol and Randolph, even putting Randolph on his butt in one play with his footwork. He has always been quick in the open court but the difference this year seems to be that he is comfortable with the system and the NBA and knows where to be.

On the flip side, Tim's game looks a half step slow compared to last year. Defenders now have just enough time to alter his shot or to get their shot off.

alh1020 11-23-13 11:13 AM

I think Bill Land/Sean Elliot said something about this in a post game discussion, a kind of like I know what you gave me last year, I want to see more or something different this year remark. And with Splitter getting a new contract, he needs to show hes worth it. I think hes getting wound up for the long haul. And last year Diaw did a lot of passing when he had a shot. Now, hes going to the basket with authority and taking those 3-pointers. Much improved and Im glad to see it in the wake of TDs difficulties. Duncan has paid his dues and deserves some time to get out of the funk hes in and start making defenders pay. Thats why the Spurs are known as a team.

buck57 11-23-13 05:20 PM

Splitter and Diaw are both showing vast improvement this year. You also gotta love Kwahis aggressiveness this year as well.

mckennaspur1 11-26-13 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by buck57 (Post 1305998)
Splitter and Diaw are both showing vast improvement this year. You also gotta love Kwahis aggressiveness this year as well.

Ya gotta add Patty Mills to this mix. He's a little beast on D.

Money4Nothing 11-26-13 05:43 PM

You rarely see someone in Splitter's stage of career make a major improvement. I wanna see him keep this up all year before I get too impressed.


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